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Monday, February 14, 2011

ARC Review: Green-Eyed Demon by Jaye Wells

Title: Green-Eyed Demon
Author: Jaye Wells
Series: Sabina Kane, book 3
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Publisher: Orbit (03/01/2011)
Source: Review copy from publisher
Format: E-book

* Warning: This review contains spoilers from previous books of Sabina Kane Series*

“The clock is ticking for Sabina Kane. She has to save her sister from her mysterious captors. And in order to do that, she has to broker a deal between the mages and the vampires before all hell breaks loose.
But as much as Sabina is focused on surviving the present, the past won't be ignored. Before she can save those she cares about, she's got to save herself from the ghosts of her past. Because the past is haunting her. Literally.”

This book picks up right after the end of “The Mage in Black” with the kidnapping of Sabina’s twin sister Maisie by their grandmother Lavinia, who is also The Alpha Domina of all vampires.
Sabina plans to kidnap Persephone (who is the “soft” Domina of the triumvirate that controls the vampires) and exchange her for her sister, but things don’t go as planed and she ended up with Tanith instead, who is the Beta Domina.
Tanith betraying Lavinia tells Sabina that her sister is been held in New Orleans, she also proposes a vampire alliance with the Mages and the Fairies after Lavinia’s dead.

Tanith is taken to the Seelie Court in the Fairy Realm where the decision is made; Sabina will go to New Orleans, with the mage Adam and with her demon minion Gighul. Their mission is to rescue Maisie from Lavinia and the Caste of Nod hands, and to kill Lavinia. After her dead, the Fairies and Mages would be able to ally with the vampires (Tanith) and stop the war.

Sabina and her Team travel to New Orleans where they are helped by Rhea’s friend Zenobia, who is a human voodoo practitioner. In New Orleans we are introduced to new characters such as: Brooks/Pussy Willow (I know, “her” name have me cracking up) who is a changeling-drag queen. Mac a lesbian werewolf and her vampire lover, Georgia. We are also introduced to a famous rock star, Erron Zong, singer of Necrospank and his drummer Ziggy; who are mage recreants.

In this book Sabina is still as badass as in the previous books, but in this one she’s dealing with the emotional strain of having her sister kidnapped and tortured by their grandmother. She’s also learning to trust others; all her life she lived a solitary life and now she has people that care for her. She has feelings towards Adam but before she can accept what she’s feeling she needs to realize that is not necessary for her to continue using the hard and dark fa├žade she had to build around herself to be able to survive her previous years. She also needs to learn that she can be loved and she can love too.

Adam Knows what Sabina is going through, he’s patient with her, even though sometimes the tension between them was very high. He’s always by Sabina’s side, but at the same time he let’s her discover by herself what she needs to do to accept her new life and be able to be with him. He’s smart, he’s caring, he’s
handsome, he loves Sabina and he’s also good for her. (Sabina is a very lucky gal.)

I love Gighul, Sabina’s Mischief demon. He’s incredibly funny; his snarky comments had me highlighting many pages of my book. He’s also loyal, and sometimes letting out his inner Oprah (Opry) he gives wise advises. He’s always there for Sabina and with his help Sabina can break many of her emotionally barriers. The backchat between Sabina and Gighul was always entertaining.

I knelt down beside the cat and patted his disconcertingly smooth head. “You okay?”
“Gark!” His bat ears swiveled as he turn to luck at me. “No, I’m not okay. Why can’t we just take a plane or car like normal people?”
I squinted at my hairless cat/Mischief demon. “Normal, Gighul? Really?”
“Whatever, trampire.”

This book has action, suspense, romance, comedy and more.
The fighting scenes with the member of the Caste of Nod are very well developed, the characters are rich and entertaining, the description of the world is amazing and the end was everything I was expecting it to be an more. It let me wanting to know what’s going to happen next without involving any type of cliffhanger (I don’t like cliffhangers).
The book fast pace make it a page-turner that it’s difficult to put away. I think this is the best book of the series, I’m not saying the previous books weren’t good, they were great, but this book is excellent.

Ms. Wells’s outstanding writing had created an Urban Fantasy Series that are here to be known and stay for many more books to come.
The next book of the series “Silver Tongue Devil” would be released end of this year, I’m sure I’ll read it as soon as is available.
My Favorite Quotes:
  • Trust me, sweet cheeks, you’d remember having a demon in your portal.
  • Bael’s balls, can we get out of here already? This alley smells like Satan’s asshole.
  • “Well, hello,” he drawled. “The demon’s got himself a little pitchfork.”
  • “Bite your tongue! It’s bad enough Zen doesn’t get the Temptation Channel. Don’t take my Opry away, too!”
  • “It’s better that you don’t know in case the police come calling.”
  • You won’t be sorry, Red. I’ll keep the perimeter tighter that a nun’s cooch.”
There are many more quotes I love in this book, but I don’t want to give more away, I think I already gave more than enough.

My verdict: 5 Paws

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