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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

ARC Review: A Kingdom Besieged by Raymond E. Feist

Title: A Kingdom Besieged
Author: Raymond E. Feist
Series: The Chaoswar Saga Trilogy, book 1
Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy
Publisher: Harper Voyager (04/12/2011)
Source: Review copy from publisher
Format: E-book
THE KINGDOM BESIEGED The Darkness is coming… The Kingdom is plagued by rumour and instability. Kingdom spies in Kesh have been disappearing - either murdered, or turned to the enemy side. Information has become scant and unreliable; but one thing appears clear. Dark forces are on the move… Since Pug and the Conclave of Shadows enforced peace after the last Keshian invasion, the Empire has offered no threat. But now factions are rising and Jim Dasher reports mobilizations of large forces in the Keshian Confederacy. As the men of the West answer the King's call to muster, Martin conDoin - left as caretaker of Crydee Keep - will suddenly be confronted with the vanguard of an invading army. He reminds himself that he is a year older than his legendary ancestor, Prince Arutha, was when he stood firm against the Tsurani invasion, but Arutha had an army to command, and Martin is left with old men and young boys. Massive events are about to unfold, events which threaten the future of all human life in Midkemia…”

The description of the book summarizes pretty well what this book is about.

This was my first book by Raymond E. Feist and big mistake! This book is promoted as the first book in The Chaoswar Saga Trilogy, but when I started to read it I realized that it was not a first book, but a continuation of a very extensive series, that is divided into different sagas; there are almost 20 books prior to this one.
This dampened a little bit my reading experience considering there were many references to previous events that I didn’t know and references to many characters that I also didn’t know who they were or what was their roll in the previous books.

Apart for this, I enjoy the book. The characters are complex and interesting. Mr. Feist does a great job with the description of the world, making it vivid and realistic.

My favorite character is Child, a demon we see grow from baby to a complex being. She is transforming herself page by page, developing into something else. She is a very inquisitive being who wants to learn more and more, always with and endless curiosity of the world surrounding her.
There is a twist in the end of the plot regarding this character that have me wondering how Mr. Feist is going to unfold it.

Another character I really liked is Martin. He is the second son of Lord Henry, Duke of Crydee. Martin is a quiet and very studious young man. But unforetold circumstances put him in a difficult situation forcing him to take the reins of the dukedom This situation tests him in a great level, as a second son he was never prepared to do so, but thanks to his strength and capability he is able in the best possible way to carry out this burden.
I liked seeing his transformation and acceptance, not just of this situation in which he is thrown at, but also in a more personal level in regards to his feelings towards Bethany.

Even though there are many events and situations happening at the same time, making it a very complex plot this is not a difficult read, Mr. Feist really pull it off with a very compelling storytelling.
This book is fast paced, especially the last third part of the book, making is a page-turner difficult to put away.
I don’t think I’ll read the previous books (there are too many). But I am sure I will read the next ones in this trilogy, I can’t wait to know what is coming next.

To any fantasy lover this is a series for you. I recommend you to read it in order.

My Verdict: 4 Paws

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