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Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday's (Not So) Short Review: The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

Title: The Name of the wind
Author: Patrick Rothfuss
Series: The Kingkiller Trilogy,
book 1
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: DAW Trade
Format: E-book

“The story revolves around Kvothe, an enigmatic red-haired innkeeper who, as he shares his incredible life story with a renowned scribe, turns out to be much more than he appears. Born into a family of nomadic court performers, Kvothe's unconventional education was broadened by spending time with fellow travelers like Abenthy, an elderly arcanist whose knowledge included, among other things, knowing the name of the wind. After his parents are brutally murdered by mythical beings known as the Chandrian, Kvothe vows to learn more about the godlike group, and after suffering through years of homelessness, he finally gets his chance when he is admitted into the prestigious University. But the pursuit of arcane knowledge brings with it unforeseen dangers, as the young student quickly learns.”

Kvothe is a legendary hero, loved and hated for many. Legends had been written in his name, but which one held the true to the different events? That, nobody knows.
The Chronicler a famous scribe is tracking down Kvothe; he wants to be the one to tell the real story of this famous character.
By unexpected circumstances The Chronicler and Kvothe crossed paths, resulting in The Chronicle arrival to Kvothe’s inn. Kvothe has been living, as an innkeeper in a little town for a couple of months under an alias, just his apprentice Bast, knows who he really is.
But The Chronicler soon recognizes Kvothe and pleads to him to tell him his real story. He wants to be the one who tells it to the world.
After some consideration Kvothe agrees. He tells The Chronicle it will take three days for him to relate everything. All the details are settled and Kvothe starts almost immediately to narrate his life events, beginning with his childhood and moving along until his time at The University.
In this book we see all the events in Kvothe’s childhood, it was not an easy one. Many dramatic events unfold through the pages.
His life changes drastically after his parents and friends are killed by The Chandrian. He goes from being a loved and cherished child to a beggar and pickpocket in the streets of an unknown city.
But Kvothe is smart and he knows it; he has also a very driven personality. After three years in the streets he wakes up of his stage of shock and decides he had mourned enough the dead of his parents. He now wants revenge. He is going to kill The Chandrian, but he doesn’t know anything about them. First he needs to learn about them to be able to find their weak points (if there are any) to kill them. He decides his best option is to go to The University to learn everything he requires. He does whatever is necessary to get accepted in The University and after being accepted he would need to do whatever is necessary to stay there until he learns what he needs to learn.

The Name of the Wind is the first book of The Kingkiller Chronicle Trilogy. Each book in this trilogy will belong to a day of Kvothe’s storytelling.

Kvothe is a very mysterious character, as a child we see him as clever and gifted kid; not just with his studies but with everything he does, especially with music. As an adult others see him almost as a god-like hero. Many legends and stories are written about him. But in this book we don’t know yet about them.
Bast is something non-human. Maybe Fae, but we are not sure what he really is. The only thing certain about him is his love and devotion for Kvothe.
The Chronicle is an interesting character; he is a well-known scribe, but not much is said about him. I think there is more to him and he will surprise us in the books to come.
I like Kvothe’s friends Simmon and Wilem from The University; they are nice supporting characters. They love him and accept him the way he is, and they really care for him.
I couldn’t connect with Denna nor did I understand the attraction Kvothe felt for her. I hope in the next books I could see it more clearly.

My final though: This is a long book, over 700 pages but it’s so well written and entertaining that you won’t feel it. The changes from present to pass are expertly done.
The world building is amazing, is not just original but made in a very detail manner. I finished the book couple of days ago and still I just need to close my eyes to picture every city and room in this book.
The Name of the Wind has a nice pace; also Mr. Rothfuss is a master at storytelling. He gives us little glances of things that would happen in the future, keeping us glued to the pages because we want to know when and how these things would happen.
If you love Fantasy, you will love this book. Book two of The Kingkiller Trilogy, The Wise Man’s Fear was released this month. I hope to read it soon. This one it’s over thousand pages. 

My Verdict: 4½ Paws

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