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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

ARC Review: The Dragon's Path by Daniel Abraham

: The Dragon’s Path

Author: Daniel Abraham
Series: The Dagger and the Coin, book 1
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: Orbit (4/7/2011)
Source: Review copy from publisher
Format: E-book
“Summer is the season of war in the Free Cities.
Marcus wants to get out before the fighting starts. His hero days are behind him and simple caravan duty is better than getting pressed into service by the local gentry. Even a small war can get you killed. But a captain needs men to lead -- and his have been summarily arrested and recruited for their swords.
Cithrin has a job to do -- move the wealth of a nation across a war zone. An orphan raised by the bank, she is their last hope of keeping the bank's wealth out of the hands of the invaders. But she's just a girl and knows little of caravans, war, and danger. She knows money and she knows secrets, but will that be enough to save her in the coming months?
Geder, the only son of a noble house is more interested in philosophy than swordplay. He is a poor excuse for a soldier and little more than a pawn in these games of war. But not even he knows what he will become of the fires of battle. Hero or villain? Small men have achieved greater things and Geder is no small man.
Falling pebbles can start a landslide. What should have been a small summer spat between gentlemen is spiraling out of control. Dark forces are at work, fanning the flames that will sweep the entire region onto The Dragon's Path -- the path of war.”

This is the first book I read by Daniel Abraham and it was a very nice surprise. The Dragon Path is an amazing debut to a new series The Dagger and The Coin.

The Dragon’s Path is set in a world where dragons were the rulers of the world, but after an internal war they disappeared leaving behind the thirteen races they had created to serve them. Firstblood, Cinnae, Tralgu, Southling, Timzinae, Yemmu, Haunadam, Dartinae, Kurtadam, Jasuru, Raushadam, Haaverkin and the Drowned. Each one of them with different and special characteristics designed specifically to serve the dragons better. Also each race has a different position in the society.

The main characters in this book are Cithrin, Capitan Marcus Wester, Geder Palliako and Dawson Kalliam, with a web of superb supporting characters as Marcus’ second in command, Yardem Hane, the master of a performing troupe, Kit, Dawson’s wife Clara and Dawson’s guard, Vincent Coe.

Cithrin is a young girl who has been raised as a ward by the bank. When war approaches their doorsteps she is put in a situation she was not prepared for. She is supposed to pass as a boy and drive the caravan in which the bank is smuggling their money out of the city.

Capitan Marcus Wester is a famous military man, considered a hero by many; in his time he destroyed armies and governments, until his life was touched by tragedy. Now he works as the leader of a small group of hired guards.

Geder Palliako is a young noble man. He is more of a scholar than a man of war, and the joke of many because of his literary interests. He doesn’t posses good physical attributes and because of his naïveté he is played as a pawn in a big war scheme.

Dawson Kallian is a renowned noble man, with strictly conservative ideas. He is willing to do whatever is necessary even commit treason, to maintain the power in the Firstblood hands.

The Dragon’s Path is told from multiple third person points of view and with different subplots interlacing in a perfect and smooth way along its pages. Sometimes when a book is told by multiple characters and with different subplots it tents to be confusing, The Dragon’s Path did not have that problem, the prose and narrative are flawless and well pace.

The world building is well designed. It’s a very complex world with many races and different cultures and we see all of them; maybe not in extremely detail form, they are too many to do this; but what we see of them it has enough characterization to recognize and differentiate them all. Leaving us details to be discover in next books.

The Dragon’s Path has everything a good story should have, great characters that grown with the progress of the pages, a great plot with politics, conspiracies, intrigues and a touch of mystery, and a great world building that would leave you wanting for more.
Mr. Abraham surprised me with the quality of his writing. Reading The Dragon’s Path was a complete pleasure for me. This book is supposed to be a long book, almost 500 pages, but I enjoyed it so much that the pages flew without me noticing. After reading The Dragon’s Path Mr. Abraham has become one of my favorite fantasy authors. I cannot wait to read the next book, The King’s Blood.

My Verdict: 5 Paws

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  1. This sounds like such a 'different from the norm' story! I really enjoyed reading your review on this one!


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