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Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday's Short Review: Forever Vampire by Michelle Hauf

Title: Forever Vampire
Author: Michelle Hauf
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: HQN
Source: Review copy from publisher
Format: E-book
“Vail the Unwanted is a pure-blooded vampire. But raised by Faery, he has neither home nor peace, and when his aid is sought in the recovery of a priceless diamond gown, his price is information. Specifically the whereabouts of his accursed father. His goal is revenge, and the supernaturally sexy Lyric, the icy blond vampiress with whom he must work, is a distraction he can't afford.
Outwardly as cold as the diamond dress in which she was kidnapped, Lyric has her own secrets. Desperate to break free from her criminal family, she aligns herself with the brooding Vail. Together they seek justice while each secretly works for freedom and a fresh start. For Lyric that means holding herself apart, even from the smoldering blue-eyed Vail. For Vail, it means a battle to the death for revenge—and for a temptress he can't deny.”
It took me some time to get into this book. Vail is a character difficult to like. He doesn’t know who he really is. He is a vampire who was raised in Fairy; there the fairies taught him to hate vampires.  So he is a vampire who hates vampires. After being banished from Fairy he is back to the real world where he has never live before and doesn’t know how to “live” in it. Still he dresses and behaves as the typical stereotypical vampire. He drives an expensive car, a gift from Rhys Hawkes who is his uncle/stepfather (yes, you read that right) and crashes it everywhere he goes because he doesn’t know how to drive. He doesn’t know anything about the value of things and spends (gives away) money left and right, money given by Rhys too.
He doesn’t want anything to do with his family but he takes freely what Rhys gives him.

When Rhys offers him a job in which he has to find Lyric Santiago and the fairy diamond gown she was wearing, when she disappeared a couple of nights ago; he is relentless to accept the job offer, but ended up acceding in exchange for information of his father’s whereabouts. His father Constantine (Rhys’ brother) raped his mother, and Vail is the fruit of that rape. Vail now wants to finds him to kill him for what he did to his mother.
Soon after he starts to look for Lyric he locates her, and follows her to her hiding place. There he tied her up to the bed and “tortures” her to get answers, but his torture is more rape than anything else. Ok, Lyric allegedly gets off of what he does to her. But in my opinion, when a man takes a woman captive, tied her up, cuts her clothes open with a knife and then starts to sexually molests her… even if your body reacts to it, that is not torture, that is rape. After that scene and Lyric reaction and acceptance of the situation, I was a little bit put off with the book.
After this event they hit it off and start to help each other deciphering the mystery that surrounds the dress and a deal Lyric’s mother had made with Zett, Lord of Midsummer Dark. At the same time they are helping each other fight their own demons.

Vail and Lyric’s union felt a little bit rushed. They got too closed too fast with no real deepness in their relationship.
Vail was supposed to look not just for Lyric but the fairy gown she disappeared with, too. There is even a limited time to find the gown and return it. If the gown is not returned by certain date, Rhys is going to get in big trouble with the Seelie Court. But after getting together with Lyric is like he forgets all about this little detail. Apart from the moment when he meets her and “tortures” her to get information from her, he doesn’t question Lyric again about the location of the gown. Also the events at the end, with his mother and father felt a little bit forced.

My final thought: Forever Vampire has some faults, but in the end it was an entertaining read. This was my first book by Michele Hauf, and even though I wasn’t very pleased with it, and just found it OK; I might give this author another chance and read something else by her in the future.

My Verdict: 3 Paws

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