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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Review: The Darkest Secret by Gena Showalter

: The Darkest Secret

Author: Gena Showalter
Series: Lords of the Underworld, book 7
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Harlequin
Format: E-book
“Keeper of the demon of Secrets, Amun can manipulate the darkest thoughts of anyone nearby. But when the immortal warrior is chained and isolated to protect those he loves, death is his only hope of release—until he meets Haidee, a fellow prisoner whose beauty and hidden vulnerability draw him into a reckless test of his loyalty….
Haidee is a demon-assassin, raised to despise Amun's kind. Yet how can she hate the man whose touch sets her aflame? But to save him, she must give herself body and soul…and face the wrath of a powerful adversary sworn to destroy her.” 
During his trip to Hell with Aeron and William to save Legion (The Darkest Lie) Amun obliviously assimilated hundreds of demons minions into himself and now they are slowly tormenting him and consuming him. He doesn’t have a second of peace; he wants to kill himself to end the agony, but all his attempts to take his life had been fruitless.
Strider arrives back to the fortress bringing along the hunter Haidee as his prisoner. She is the one that help killed their friend Badem back in the days, when they were living in ancient Greece.
Haidee is unconscious thanks to all the drugs Strider has been pumping into her. She is placed in the room adjacent Amun’s. She starts regaining consciousness when she hears a voice in her head calling her for help. She thinks is another hunter who is asking for her help. She discovers a forgotten connective door and immediately goes to Amun, when she sees him, he is bruised and swollen, the resemblance with her boyfriend Micah is unparalleled and she thinks is him. As soon as Haidee is close to Amun his demons get quiet. Finally he has a tranquil moment after so many days of suffering. And when he looks at her for the first time he recognizes her as the girl he has been dreaming about for many years. Same with Haidee, she is even dating Micah because she has dreamed of him before meeting him.  Soon after meeting Micah she started a relationship with him, because he is the man in her dreams or at least she thought he was.
But now after spending some hours taking care of Amun she realizes he is not Micah but one of her most hated enemies. He is one of the Lords! Same happened with Amun. After his demon took a pick inside Haidee’s mind he realizes she is the one that helped kill Badem.
They know there is connection between them. Nobody is able to hear Amun’s mental communication, just her. Also she is the only one that can stop the torture he has been submitted by the demons possessing him; just being close to Haidee is comforting for Amun.
Haidee is feeling a strong attraction towards Amun. Something she had never experience before. She now realizes he is the one she has been dreaming about, not Micah. But he is part of the group she hates the most. The ones she is sworn to kill.
Now they need to decide what to do, to obey their hearts or the preconditions in their heads.

The Darkest Secret is book seven in Lords of the Underworld Series. It’s Amun the keeper of the Demon of Secrets’ book. Amun is one of the Lords we know the least. He never talks because he is afraid the moment he opens his mouth all the secrets he has been keeping inside will come rushing out, hurting feelings and friendships in the way.
Amun is the most contain of the Lords, he is also the less alpha of them. This doesn’t mean he is not strong, because he is. He possesses great fortitude; he is able to contain inside himself the secrets of the world, making him maybe one of the strongest of them all.
He is caring and protective of his brothers in arms. In The Darkest Secret we see a new side of him, a side not explored before that make him even see as a “sweet” man. I really felt for him while he struggled with his feeling for Haidee and the love for his friends.

I was afraid of Mrs. Showalter election of heroine; I didn’t know how she was going to pull it off. How she will make us love or at least like the woman who helped kill Badem. But here again Mrs. Showalter proves her talents with words making us not just accept but understand Haidee’s actions.
Haidee was not what I was expecting, she was better. She has had a very tough life, full of pain, losses and disappointments. She is a strong woman, who values honesty and loyalty. I really liked her.

I liked that the romance between Amun and Haidee progressed slowly. Things couldn’t be rushed between them. First they needed to forgive each other and forgive themselves to be able to have an honest relationship. The sexual tension between them was unbearable at times, making the “culmination” even sweeter.
I liked them as a couple. I think Haidee was a perfect choice. And I loved Amun in the scene almost at the end, when he is having dinner with the other Lords. He was great!

Strider plays an important part in The Darkest Secret. He and his ego bring us couple of laughs. But at times I felt as if Strider’s story was stealing Amun and Haidee’s leading place in the book.

We also see William and Paris. I really, really, really like William. I loved his interaction with Gilly. Poor William he doesn’t know what it’s coming his way. I can’t wait to read his book.
Paris, Oh! Poor Paris. I felt for him. I suffered for him. If I could, I would get his Sienna back to him before he completely destroys himself. That’s another book I really want to get my greedy hands on it.

In general I liked The Darkest Secret. The only complaint I have is the one I mention before; I think Strider had too much focus in this book. I know Mrs. Showalter was preparing us for her next book, Strider’s book, The Darkest Surrender, but, anyway this was supposed to be Amun’s book and he stole lots of attention from the main character.
The Darkest Secret is a very sexy paranormal romance. I recommend this book and Lords of the Underworld series in general to all paranormal lovers.
I’m looking forward to the release of The Darkest Surrender, September 27th, 2011.

Favorite quotes:
  • William untucked the covers and stood, making a mental list of everything he’d need for the coming trip. A few blades, serrated and nonserrated. A vial of acid. A bone saw. A spiked paddle. A cat-o-nine-tails. And a bag of Gummy Bears.
  • Amun hadn’t had a lover in a very long time, but he hadn’t forgotten the basics, and he’d never been so driven by instinct. Touch, taste, possess, own.

My Verdict: 4 Paws

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  1. Is it sick and a little perverse that I want William to end up with Gilly? Not now mind out, but

  2. No, no at all! (I also want them to end up together)


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