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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesday's Hot-Hot Hottie: Ian Somerhalder

Today's Hot-Hot Hottie is the American model and actor
Ian Somerhalder, best know for playing 

Damon Salvatore in the TV series The Vampire Diaries.

He can pull off the guyliner! Sexy!!!

Nice kitty!


  1. Is that his naked ass? Holy smack. :) He really is one of the hottest hotties around.

  2. O_o

    Look at those beautiful, round, blue eyes. Thank you for these scrumptious pics of Ian. I can officially make it through the rest of my day. =)

  3. I have no idea how I hadn't come across a certain photo here before, but.... Oh, thank you.


  4. Smash, I know, his ass is something else. :)

    Jen, I love his... eyes too. And you are very welcome.

    Chelsea, Your welcome. ;)

  5. Holy cowabunga. Nothing wrong with that boy, is there?


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