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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sorry, No Post Today

I came down with some virus and I've been feeling really ill these last couple of days. Because of this my head has not cooperated and I wasn't able to get today's post ready.

I hope tomorrow I'll feel human again. Thank you for your understanding. 


  1. Get well soon! Just chill out and don't think of anything :)

  2. Sorry that you're sickly but I hope you get to feeling better soon!!

    Get some rest and we'll be here when you return as a human again :)


  3. Kara-Karina, Thank you, that's exactly what I've been doing today.

    Ally, Thank you :)

    Isalys, Thank you! As I said in my post, hopefully I'll be human again tomorrow. My trip is next week and I have so many things to buy and to leave ready for DH, that I need to be ok as soon as possible.

  4. Oh noes! Feel better soon Marcela. :(

  5. Julie, Thank you! I'm trying, but...


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