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Thursday, July 7, 2011

CATS-ilicious Thursday

I feel like this cat. I have been in supposedly "Sunny Florida"
for a week but since I arrived it hasn't stop raining.
Being wet is not a nice way to spend your vacation. 

At least he is enjoying the water. 


  1. Welcome to my world. I'm not a fan of the South Florida humidity and mugginess either and I've lived here all my life. *sigh* Sorry to hear you've had a soggy vacay.

    Cute cat pic and vid though. =)

  2. LMAO! Well...I'm not laughing at the whole rain thing because that stinks a lot! You should be enjoying SUNNY Florida not RAINY Florida! But that cat video had me laughing a lot...I've never seen a cat do that in my life!

  3. Jen D., I lived in Miami for 10 years, but for the last 6 years I've come to visit just during autumn, winter or spring months. I guess I had forgotten how summer months were in soggy FL. :)

    Deanna, I know it's hilarious. Kosita hates water and all the cats I've known haven't been a fan of showers, I guess this cat is the exception to the rule.

  4. E liked it so much she took a video of this video using her camera! LMAO! She says "Thank you very much for all the silly beautiful videos you gave us." :)

  5. Julie, Little E. is adorable. Please tell her it's my pleasure.


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