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Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday's (Not-So) Short Review: Shadowflame by Dianne Sylvan

Title: Shadowflame
Author: Dianne Sylvan
Series: Shadow World, book 2
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Publisher: Penguin Group
Format: E-book
“Spread throughout the dark corners of our world lies the Shadow World, a society of vampires who feed off the living. In Austin, Texas, one woman must find her place within that world, before she loses everything...

It's been three months since musician Miranda Grey became a vampire and married David Solomon, Prime of the South. As Queen, Miranda must quickly come to terms with her new role and learn how to negotiate the treacherous waters of Signet politics, inevitably making dangerous enemies along the way.

As if complicated vampire politics and a rising music career weren't enough, an enigmatic but powerful force from David's past appears, leaving a wake of chaos and uncertainty for the Pair's fledgling relationship. Miranda begins to realize how little she really knows about her husband. But when an assassin begins targeting her friends and allies, the Pair must track down the killer, even as their lives hang in the balance...”
Shadowflame is book two in the Shadow World series by Dianne Sylvan.

This book starts three months after the events in Queen of Shadows. Miranda is coming to terms to being queen and sharing her new life with David. There are still many things to know about each other, three months is not enough time to know everything about your spouse but they are doing their best. Miranda is not just working on her relationship; she is also making a name for herself as the new queen in the Shadow World.

While dealing with all this other Primes are coming to visit to congratulate the new couple, but not all of them are nice, some are evil incarnate and others bring serious conflicts to their home. If this wasn’t enough there is somebody out there who wants to kill her and is hurting people close to her to make her suffer.

Pamela (@SpazP) recommended me this series. I love book one Queen of Shadows and was very excited when I started to read Shadowflame, but when I got almost halfway in the book I was hating Pam for suggesting me this book and “putting me” to experience the roller coaster of emotions that are in Shadowflame.

Let me tell you that Shadowflame is not a pretty book with love and roses, it is dark, bloody and harsh. In this book something happens, something that made me say WTFNOSHEDIDN'T (Mrs. Sylvan) but yes she did and she did it well, so well than when I was reading this book and had 100 pages to go it was after 3 am and I had an appointment in the morning, so I had to force myself to go to bed when the only thing I wanted was to stay awake and finish the book. And I guess I could have done just that because I stayed awake in bed twisting and turning after 5:30 am thinking about this book, thinking about how Mrs. Sylvan was going to “fix” that. I was so upset I even considered no reading more, I thought I will give 2 Paws (stars) to the book because how she (Mrs. Sylvan) dare to do that!
Later that day when I returned home I ran to read and finished it. And then with a cold head, I said, wow Mrs. Sylvan is a genius, she made experience feelings with this book that I don’t remember other doing, maybe Dreamfever by Karen Marie Moning but no other, no even Hard Bitten by Chloe Neill made me feel the way Shadowflame did, I’m not saying the events in this book are similar to those, because they are not, I’m talking about the emotions that Shadowflame aroused in me.

My final thought: Shadowflame is a great addition to a great series, with its compelling new and old characters, a well-developed plot full of action, intrigues, betrayals and more. With an exceptional and interesting world building. All in all a page-turner difficult to put down and for sure a book not easy to forget.
As Pam recommended it to me, now I’m recommending it to you and please don’t hate me for it, I don’t hate Pam (anymore), I’m very thankful she recommended it. Shadowflame is an amazing book.
Shadowflame is not a stand-alone book, you should read Queen of Shadows before this one and please do, Shadow World is a great and a must read Urban Fantasy series for the lovers of this genre.
I can’t wait to March 27, 2012 to read the next installment of this series Shadow’s Fall.

My Verdict: 5 Paws

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Queen of Shadows
Shadow’s Fall

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  1. Yes not a short review at all, but a great one and yes, I want to read this book!!!!

  2. I just Tweeted this review. After I recommended it to you, I was kinda freaking out that you'd hate me. But I didn't want to WARN you, either. There has been so much virulent hate on Amazon towards Ms Sylvan, which has made me sad, because I didn't realize just how many people would be upset to levels of hatred with the the events that occurred. This book was so freaking hard to read, but you described exactly how I felt about it. A writer that can cut in to my heart this way, make me feel, and still care, still want to know what happens next no matter how the Hero has done unforgivable things, and the Heroine has not responded in a way I would want her to, I loved it. love love loved that she could make me feel like this. She completely strayed from the normal equation that is out there, and that is a gift. Glad you see it that way, too =)

  3. oh wait! up top in the descrip, it says book 1, it's book 2 :)

  4. Blodeuedd, I really tried. You should, but start with Queen of Shadows.

    Pam, Exactly. Now I'm trying to contact Ms. Sylvan, she will have to pay for my manicure and all the tums I consumed during those days, because this book finished with my nails and my ulcer. And as a masochist that I'm... I can't wait to read Shadow's Fall

  5. Okay. This book sounds great and your review is very compelling. But such an emotional book??? I don't know if I could handle it. lol Your stomach is stronger than mine and can probably do emotional roller coasters better. I must say that authors who can write such stuff are amazing. I think I may wait until you review book 3 to make up my mind. But boy your review sure makes it tempting. :)
    Whoa...did any of that even make sense? lol


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