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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Review: Tamed by a Highlander by Paula Quinn

Title: Tamed by a Highlander
Author: Paula Quinn
Series: Children of the Mist, book 3
Genre: Historical Romance
Publisher: Forever
Source: Review copy from publisher
Format: E-book

Connor Grant left his first love in the Highlands, vowing to return after serving in the king's army. Seven years later, he is still fighting for the crown, and his victories are legendary-both in the battlefield and in the bedroom. Yet he's never forgotten his bonnie lass. And he certainly never expected to see her amidst the splendor of the British royal court: beautiful, breathtaking, and tempting him past the point of no return.

The night he left, Mairi MacGregor banished Connor from her life forever. Now her heart belongs only to Scotland. As part of a secret alliance, she journeys to London in search of information . . . only to find herself face to face with the one man she swore she'd never trust again. Though Mairi's body still craves Connor's touch, she can't forgive his betrayal. But a traitor lurks in their midst and to protect her beloved Highlands, Mairi must make a leap of faith and join forces with Connor-even if it means losing her heart to him again.”

Tamed by a Highlander is book three in the Children of the Mist series by Paula Quinn and my first book by this author. 

Seven years ago Connor Grant was called to serve his cousin the king of England, as kin to king it was his duty to serve him, so he couldn’t decline the summons. But his childhood sweetheart, Mairi MacGrefor didn’t understand how he could choose to serve a protestant king instead of staying in Scotland with her. In her eyes and heart he was broking his promise to marry her and abandoning her. Connor doesn’t have any option in the matter, it is an honor obligation he has to fulfill. He begged Mairi to come to England with him, but she could never leave Scotland and even more she could never live close to a Protestant king or Protestant folk. 
Connor wrote countless letters to Mairi in the course of four years asking her to come to England to him, to be his wife and live with him, but in all the letters she wrote back to him she asked him to forget about her and move on with his life as she was doing in her love Scotland. But in Scotland Mairi was not happy, she was nursing a broken heart and blaming Connor for his abandonment. She found solace fighting with an insurgent group against Protestants. Three more years have passed, years Connor has not been able to forget Mairi, but he is trying to move on with his life as she told him he should do many times in the past. He is still asking about her every time he writes to her brother but every year is less and less what he knows about her life. 
Seven years have passed and Mairi finds herself with her family in London attending the coronation of the new king of England, the first catholic king in years. After an attempt against the king’s daughter, Mairi parents’ need to leave England for their home leaving Mairi and her younger brother in London under the charge of their neighbors and good friends the Grants (Connor’s parents). 
Connor also returns to London for the coronation and to his big surprise he finds Mairi and her family in London. And to his great luck, before Mairi’s father left for Scotland he asked him to watch over Mairi. The last thing Connor wanted was to be close to her again but he made a promise to her father and he always keeps his promises, even though this promise could break his heart again. 
Mairi is trying to avoid Connor at all cost, even spending a lot of time with the English Lord Oxford. But everywhere she looks or goes Connor is there. And this infuriating man is awaking in her all the feelings she buried inside many years ago. Feelings she promised herself never to feel again. 

I tried to like Mairi and understand her behavior but as much as I tried I couldn’t. She felt whiny, stubborn, immature and capricious. She blamed Connor for abandoning her when he never did; he had an obligation, something he had to do and he begged her to come with him but her love for Scotland was bigger than her love for him. And after she is the one saying that he left her… Also her irrational hate for the Protestants was a very big turn off for me. She felt as a bloodthirsty extremist and who would like that in a heroine, at least I won’t. 

Connor saved the book and outshined Mairi’s character. He is a nice alpha hero with a good balance in her personality. He is strong, caring, loyal and smart, a lot more than what I could say about Mairi. His love for Mairi felt real and mature, he has always known he loves her and has done everything possible to make her believe that his love was real, but her immature behavior didn’t let her see beyond her nose. After their reencounter they walk in circles for more than two thirds of the books until Mairi was able to open her eyes and see what she had in front of her all this time. 

I really like Connor’ mom, Lady Clare and the queen character, they provide humor and lightness to the story. 

There are a lot of historical facts in Tamed by a Highlander, also there are many characters, plots, complots, intrigues and twist and turns, so many that sometimes it was a little overwhelming and difficult not to get lost in the story. 

Even though Tamed by a Highlander is book three in a series I could say it could be read as a stand-alone. Sometimes it was obvious there was some history behind some character, like in the case of Connor’s parents but in general this didn’t detract from the story.

I think if I could have connected with Mairi’s character better, I could have enjoyed the story a lot more. I'm sure Tamed by a Highlander won't be my last book by Paula Quinn. 

My Verdict: 3 ½ Paws

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  1. I was debating about this book, I liked the first one, but I wasn't crazy about it, I guess I'll get to it when there's anything else I want to listen to.
    I'm almost done with Second Grave on the left, I can't wait to hear your thoughts.(audio)
    Have a good one.

  2. Lupdilup, Yes, sadly this book didn't do it for me.
    Second Grave was fantastic, I literally LOL during the whole book.


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