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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday's Hot-Hot Hottie: Firefighters Edition

In today's Hot-Hot Hottie we are honoring men in uniforme, men who risk their lives everyday to save others. 
Today is Hot-Hot Hottie: Firefighters Edition.

They are not models, they are all real firefighters. 
I think I'm gonna pretend I'm a cat in a tree in need of rescue...


  1. It is DEFINITELY hot up in here!!!!

  2. I think I'm gonna pretend I'm a cat in a tree in need of rescue... LMAO Marcela! And why do most of these photos make me giggle?! The one in the 'waterfall' thing? Okay, I'll stop since I don't want to burst your fireman dream and be #evilyou again. ;)

  3. LOL. Marcela I'm going to be your owner who's "poor kitty is trapped in the tree and needs help getting you down." With all those hot men there has got to be plenty for us each to have 5 to ourselves. :-P Julie is evil...they are sexy...we can't help our crazy hormones. :-D

  4. Julie, #evilyou that's it.

    Deanna, Thank you, you are a real friend. Let's ignore Julie, she doesn't know what is good and she is evil too.

  5. HELLS YEAH!!! Firemen are awesome - the other day my alarm went off in my building and i jumped like a kid in the candy store - MAde this ViDeo! WeeEE!!


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