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Thursday, September 8, 2011

CATS-ilicious Thursday

Last Thursday was my Anniversary, 6 years of blissful marriage!
In honor to that memorable date this was supposed to be my last week post, but while I was on vacation I had a fight with Blogger, a fight Blogger sadly won and I wasn't able to post it. 
So let's do it today... 
This is dedicated to you Yiğit-sito.

This is us... 

I won't lie to you, we are really more like them...


  1. So adorably cute! And funny!
    Happy 6 years (again) :)

  2. So cute! LOL Happy late anniversary!

  3. Blodeuedd, :)

    Ally, Thank you again ;)

    Julie, Yes, we are cute and modest too. LOL. Thank you

  4. Congratulations on 6 whole years of blissful marriage Marcela! That is awesome. I love the two videos. The first one is really sweet and the second one made me giggle a lot! :-D


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