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Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday's (Not-So) Short Review: Cattitude by Edie Ramer

Title: Cattitude
Author: Edie Ramer
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Smashwords
Source: Review copy from author
Format: E-book
“It's all in the Cattitude...
After Belle the cat switches bodies with a psychic on the run from a murderer, she wants her perfect cat body back instead of this furless human one. But she doesn't count on falling in love with her former owner. Or that a CEO and a beauty queen want to use up her nine lives. Now is her chance to prove anything a human can do, a cat can do better.” 
Belle has a cat’s dream life next to her lovely owner Max, but when evil Caroline set her eyes on Max and his wallet Belle knows she has to do anything in her paws to stop her advances. Caroline knows that Belle is an obstacle in her plans to get Max and decides to get rid of Belle throwing her onto a speeding car on the road.
Sorcha is a psychic who got involved with the wrong man, while trying to escape from him she gets into a car accident with a cat, a cat that came out of nowhere to her windshield. After the accident something even freakier occurs, Sorcha and Belle the cat exchange bodies. Scared in her new cat-body Sorcha escapes to the forest, leaving Belle in her human body behind.
Max is returning back home and sees the accident on the side of the road, immediately he stops to help, he founds Sorcha/Belle who begs him not to take her to the hospital, in the spur of the moment Max decides to take her to his house.
Belle is in shock, she knows Caroline tried to kill her but she doesn’t understand what had happened and why she is in a human body. Belle doesn’t like her new hairless, graceless body; she wants her feline body back. Belle needs to find Sorcha soon, before it’s too late to change back. The questions are: will Sorcha want her body back? And after seeing how Max is looking at her, will Belle want to be her old self again? or will she give it a chance to be human and maybe be more to Max that just his pet? 

As you may have guess I’m a cat person, I have a beautiful cat and saw many of her characteristics reflected in Bella, making this book more enjoyable and at the same time a little bit creepy.

Mrs. Ramer does an excellent job with Belle; it is obvious she knows about cats and their behaviors. Belle is funny, smart and of course with tons of attitude, she is a cat, what else can you expect.
I loved how real Belle’s adaptation to her new body felt, same with her discovery of new things as food and books. I also loved how she may be in a human body but she is still a cat to the core.

Wishing she could show her unconcern by lifting her leg and licking her thigh, she settle for giving him her I’m-a-cat-and-you’re-not look.

“Are you coming” Max asked.
She glided past him, out of the room. “I have important things to do.” She glance back to make sure he wouldn’t pounce and grab her the way he did when he wanted to take her to the vet.
Even Max wasn’t perfect.

Max is cute and caring. Since the dead of his father when he was just barely a teenager he has become the protector of his family and now of course of Sorcha/Belle too.

Max is attracted to Sorcha/Belle and her carefree outlook in life. Sorcha/Belle is discovering new and unexpected feelings for Max, it’s almost as if her new human body is betraying her into feeling things she shouldn’t be feeling for Max.
Max-Sorcha/Belle relationship was a bit creepy because at the end she is a cat in a human body but if you can overlook that little detail you will find them perfect for each other.

The secondary characters all add something to the story, from Sorcha the psychic, now in Belle’s body to the little girl Gwen, who is taking care of her and giving her the love and protection Sorcha had never had. To Max siblings Ted and Tory and of course I can’t leave behind Phil the not-so bad guy.

My final thought: Cattitude is a very funny and well-written romance history, with a nice pace and entertaining characters. The story has some twist and turns and many laughing out loud moments. All this together made of Cattitude a very enjoyable and difficult-to-put-down book.
I recommend Cattitude to all cat lovers and to anyone who wants to read an easy and funny chick-lit novel.

My Verdict: 4 Paws

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  1. What a fun review! Thanks for the heads up about Cattitude!

    Nancy Haddock

  2. Your not-so-short review was a joy for me to read. It was fun reading the quotes you chose to show Belle's cat attitude. I'm so glad you enjoyed Cattitude. Thank you!

  3. Nancy, Thank you. Cattitude was a fun read I hope you'll read it and enjoy it as much as I did.

    Mrs. Ramer, Thanks to you for giving me the opportunity to review your book.

  4. This books sounds right up your alley! Glad you enjoyed it. :)

  5. This book sounds like fun! Just a light funny read and I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm going to put it on my TBR list. :-D


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