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Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday's Short (ARC) Review: Silver Shark by Ilona Andrews

Title: Silver Shark
Author: Ilona Andrews
Series: Kinsmen, book 2
Genre: Sci-Fi Romance
Publisher: NYLA
Source: Review copy from author
Format: E-book
“Claire Shannon is a Kinsman, a woman gifted with enhanced mental capabilities. Her skills and her life were taken over by the military to fight in war that has raged on her home planet for decades. But as the war ends, she is forced to hide her abilities in order to make a new life for herself as a civilian. It’s a new persona, a new planet and new job that has her crossing paths with the powerful and alluring Venturo Escana. Is she strong enough to hide her true nature from her perceptive new boss? And as they grow closer, will she even still want to try?” *This is an unoffical summary* 
Wednesday, Mrs. Andrews was asking on Twitter which blogger would like to review their (Ilona Andrews) last book, Silver Shark, at the offer I raised my cyber right hand and crossed the fingers on my left one. Soon after, when Mrs. Andrews told me she was sending me a copy I may have squee like a teenager at the Twilight premier. Please give me the benefice of the doubt; I said I “may” have.

Silver Shark is book two in the Kinsmen series by Ilona Andrews. (What happened to me that I didn’t know about this series *headdesk*)

At fourteen years old Claire Shannon was recruited by the Brodwyn Corp. to joint their army in their fight for the planet Uley against the Melko Corp. After many years of battling, the war comes to an end with Brodwyn as the loser.
Claire is a very powerful psycher, she has the ability to telepathically attack the minds of others. She knows if she is discovered by Melko because of her status in the war and her military rank she will be “eliminated”, that is why she tightens her mental shields and pretends to be somebody else, a normal woman. As all the other members of Brodwin she is deported; Claire is sent to the planet of Rada.
At her arrival to Rada she is given some job referrals and is assigned an apartment; she is also informed that she will have three months probation in the planet, during this time she would need to find a job and she cannot get in any trouble, if she fails to comply with any of those, she will be deported back to Uley where she will be executed.
Claire finds a job at Guardian Corp. as Venturo Escana’s assistant. Venturo Escana is the owner of Guardian and also a psycher as powerful as her. Because of her mental shields he doesn’t know what Claire really is or what she is capable of, but without a doubt there is an immediate connection between them.
Compare to Uley Rada is a paradise; Claire is content in her new job and with her boss, she is settling down, but her secret is gnawing at her, she wants to be able to trust somebody, especially Venturo but trusting anyone is a risk too big to take, being discovered by the authorities could mean her death.

I really liked Claire, she felt real to me; her fears and emotions were genuine and never over exaggerated. Her discoveries of new and simple things as flowers or fruits were innocent and pure.
Ven is one of those males with a very strong presence; he is not just yummylicious, he is smart, kind and caring too.
Even though I wanted to see their relationship being a bit more developed I can say that their feelings and the attraction they felt for each other were believable and hot!

My final thought: As with all Ilona Andrews’ books the world building in Silver Shark is top notch, very innovative and beautiful. The narrative is fluid and nice paced. The characters are truly likeable and interesting. The only complaint I have, if I can call it a complaint is that it was a bit short, just 96 pages, I really would have loved if I could have seen a bit more into Claire and Ven’s relationship after they got together, just couple of more pages to tide the story a little bit better.
Silver Shark is a great and fun read, a book I recommend to anyone who would want a quick, fun, sexy and well-written story. 

My Verdict: 4 ½ Paws

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  1. I felt the same way. I wanted more! I especially felt robbed of the final big scene at the end.

    But I really enjoyed it otherwise.

  2. I found it was the perfect length. I agree with everything else. Enjoyed the world and loved the characters. Even the ones we only see for a nano-second!
    Nice review! :)

  3. Great review Marcela. I've seen a few other reviews on this novella and I think I really need to check it out sooner than later. I haven't read anything by Ilona Andrews yet but I know I'm really missing out!


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