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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Movie Trailer: The Woman in Black

The Woman in Black in the upcoming horror-thriller based on the novel of the same name by Susan Hill. The film will star Daniel Radcliffe. 

This movie will be on theaters on February, 2012.


Movie Poster


  1. I don't know the book, and I didn't know this trailer but it sounds really interesting ! I'm very curious about it ! Thank you so much for sharing ! I will definitely watch this one !

  2. I can't watch creepy or scary movies. They give me nightmares. (Don't laugh) But I am very curious to see him in a non Harry Potter role. You'll have to tell me how Daniel does. ;)

  3. Melliane, I don't know about the book, but I really want to see Radcliffe in a different role than Harry Potter.

    Jule, I'm not much into scary movies but this one looks really good and as you said I also want to see Radcliffe in a different role.


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