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Monday, October 3, 2011

Review: By Grace Possessed by Jennifer Blake

Title: By Grace Possessed
Author: Jennifer Blake
Series: The Three Graces, book 2
Genre: Historical Romance
Publisher: MIRA
Source: Review copy from publisher
Format: E-book
“The Tudor king issues Lady Catherine Milton a most unusual command: seduce Scottish loyalist Ross Dunbar. The son of an ornery borderland laird, Dunbar would make an advantageous match, but King Henry cannot force him to wed. So Cate must ensnare him…A rush of courtly parties and passionate nights in Dunbar's embrace leaves Cate breathless…and confused. She desires a proposal for the sake of propriety and politics, but she longs to be truly loved. Tortured loyalties are not hers alone—though Dunbar is enchanted by Cate, he cannot bind himself to England and abandon his people.But when a pretender to the throne ignites a rebellion, the choice is made for them: to solidify northern alliances, Dunbar and Cate must wed. Suddenly Dunbar's death appears certain—either by his bride's curse or by a war he did not choose…”
By Grace Possessed is book two in The Three Graces series by Jennifer Blake.

Lady Catherine Milton is the middle sister of the famous cursed Three Graces of Graydon. Lady Catherine and her sisters Isabel and Marguerite are said to bear a curse in which any man who marries them without loving them will die soon after the betrothal victim of the curse.
Her older sister Isabel is now happily married with a man who adores her, but Lady Catherine knows that the possibility of a love match for her and her sister Marguerite is almost non existent because men are afraid of the curse and the ones willing to try their luck with the curse would do it just to get their hands in the Graydon’s fortune and not for love for the ladies.

Lady Catherine doesn’t like hunting and when she is invited to follow King Henry in one of his hunting excursions she starts to fall behind to avoid witnessing the gruesome killings. Without realizing Lady Catherine has lost her way and now she is lost in the middle of the forest and surrounded by a band of outlaws.
The Scotsman Ross Dumbar knows Lady Catherine always falls behind during the hunting parties, for that reason he likes to keep an eye on her and good that he did because now he needs to come to her rescue.
During the fight with the bandits Lady Catherine and Dumbar have lost their horses. Now they find themselves in the middle of a darkening and snowing forest with no mounts to return to palace, the only option is to stay put and wait for morning light and hopefully for a search and rescue party to find them.
Soon after the rescue party brings them back to palace they are call to the Kings chambers. Henry VII explain to them that after spending the night together and alone in the forest it is necessary for the to get married to maintain the appearances at court, so by King’s decreed they leave the rooms as a betrothed couple.
Lady Catherine appreciates Dumbar, for the same reason she doesn’t want to marry him, she worries he will die because of her curse. Dumbar likes Lady Catherine but as a Scotsman he doesn’t want to wed a British lady, he also knows his father will disown him and he would be cast out of his clan if his father finds out about his betrothal to a Sassenach.
But times of turmoil between the Yorks and the Lancasters will bring them together more than ever, leaving them not other option than to trusts their hearts.

I liked Lady Catherine, she knows want she wants and she goes for it. She may not believe in finding the love of her life but that doesn’t mean she won’t get her pleasure. I also like that she was a strong heroine not easily cowed.

Ross Dumbar is a sexy as hell Scotsman with a love for kilts. *swoon* He is smart, loyal, courteous and with a good sense of humor. What else could we ask for a perfect hero?

The attraction between Cate and Ross is off the charts making their journey to their relationship a believable one. They are a funny, lively and a well match couple.

From the secondary characters I liked King Henry; he is smart and a strategist at heart. He cares for his people and will do anything to protect them. Same with Lady Marguerite, she is the younger sister but sometimes she felt very wise for her years. I also loved that we see more of Lady Isabel and Rand’s life together (By His Majesty’s Grace) as well as one of my favorite character from book one, David.

Its complots, intrigues, romance and more make of By Grace Possessed a great addition to a great series. In this book Mrs. Blake continues to intermingle a very well written romance with historical accurate facts, making of By Grace Possessed and this series in general a great choice for all historical romance lovers.
The Next installment of this series Seduced by Grace bring us the story of two of my favorite characters, Lady Marguerite and David. Needless to say I’m looking forward to read it.

My Verdict: 4 Paws

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  1. I was so happy to hear that David is going to be the hero in the next story. I've had a soft spot for him since the first book!

  2. Jen, Me too! and after seeing more of Marguerite in this book I think they will be perfect for each other.

  3. Is this entire series already written? It sounds fantastic. I want to read all three in a row.

  4. Alexis, Yes, the third and last book was released couple of days ago. ;)


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