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Thursday, November 24, 2011

CATS-ilicious Thursday

To all my friends in the United States

Here is a video of my girls. This one was taken last week during one of their first days together. 
The big-sister-cat is Kosita and the kitten is our new baby The Brave Ellie.


  1. Awwwww! This video made me want to cry and giggle at the same time. Kosi is such a boss! lol And poor little Ellie, but so brave to even go back. You go girl! The only thing missing was you talking so we can hear your smexy voice. ;)

  2. Melissa, Thank you.

    Julie, Yes, Ellie is fearless. Kosi hits her and she comes for more, is funny and scary at the same time.
    LOL sexy voice... not at all. I was very careful not to say anything. I talk to the cats in turki-engli-panish. They understand me but for others it just gibberish.

    Mellanie, Thank you. I think soon it will be poor Kosi. :)


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