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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Favorite Book Covers of 2011


  1. I agree they are all awesome, great choice!

  2. A good cover can keep me coming back over and over to see if I want to buy it--even when I KNOW its not my type of book.

    I think my favorite covers of all time are for The Child Thief by Brom and Green by Jay Lake

  3. I think all of the Darynda Jones covers are awesome! I think Night Circus and The Shadow Reader are amazing as well! I could look at great cover art all day. ;)

  4. Nice!!! hard to pick a favorite, I guess I have to go with; First Grave On The Right.
    I think I should do worse audiobook cover of the have you seen some of the covers!!!??
    Maybe I will, so they get the message..LOL

  5. Melliane, Thank you.

    Jazz, I haven't read those titles but I google them and you are right, they have great covers.

    Mrs. Bonilla, I could also look at nice covers all day long and I agree about Darynda Jones covers, I want Charley's clothes! :)

    Julie, Thank you. :)

    Lupdilup, I have seen some and I think you should totally do it! PLEASE!! :)


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