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Monday, January 9, 2012

Review: Silver-Tongued Devil by Jaye Wells

Title: Silver-Tongued Devil
Author: Jaye Wells
Series: Sabina Kane, book 4
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Publisher: Orbit
Source: Review copy from publisher
Format: E-book
*Warning: This review contains spoilers from previous books of this series*
“Now that the threat of war has passed, Sabina Kane is ready to focus on the future. Her relationship with Adam Lazarus is getting stronger and she's helping her sister, Maisie, overcome the trauma of her captivity in New Orleans. Even Giguhl is managing to stay out of trouble thanks to the arrival of Pussy Willow and his new roller derby team. But as much as Sabina wants to feel hopeful about the future, part of her doesn't trust that peace is possible. 
Her suspicions are confirmed when a string of sadistic murders threaten to stall treaty negotiations between the mages and the vampires. Sabina pitches in to find the killer, but her investigation soon leads her down dark paths that have her questioning everyone she thought she could trust. And the closer she gets to the killer, the more Sabina begins to suspect this is one foe she may not be able to kill.”    
Silver-Tongued Devil is book fourth in the Sabina Kane series by Jaye Wells. 

The story starts couple of days after the events in Green-Eyed Demon (book three). Sabina and Adam are enjoying the calm after the storm, they are living together at the Mage compound in New York city and are helping with the preparatives for the signing of the peace treaty between the races (vampires, mages and fae). Sabina is continuing with her mage education under Rhea’s tutelage and changing her lifestyle one “blood bag” at a time. 
Maise is having issues recovering from the trauma left by her ordeal in New Orleans, but this time Sabina is trying to be there for her as much as she can. But when some horrific murders occur, putting in danger the peace treaty, Sabina and Adam are forced to leave the quiet life behind to investigate and find the culprit behind these murders. Sabina is glad for the change, she realizes she has missed the rush her old life used to give her. 
As always Giguhl is there, not only as Sabina’s side kick but he is also expanding his horizons as the coach of a new Roller Derby team.

Sabina has come a long way, and even though she is still trying to find herself the growing as a character she has achieved is discernible. I loved how she realizes she can’t leave one part of herself behind, that for her to be complete she needs to accept herself and get both of her halves to live in balance and harmony with each other.

After what happened in New Orleans Adam is suffering from mild PTSD, he is pretending the events didn’t affect him as much but his actions are saying something else. He needs to deal with this to be able to be and accept Sabina as she needs him. 

Their relationship is stable but secrets from Sabina’s past are coming to haunt them and test their commitment and love for each other.

I have always loved Giguhl but Silver-Tongued Devil made me loved him even more, not only he made me laugh out loud many times but he became the friend and confidant Sabina needed. His priority was her and he proved it time after time. 

Characters we loved from previous books also made appearances, new characters are introduced and others… let’s just say Mrs. Wells went where not many authors have the guts to go. 

The pace during the first half of Silver-Tongued Devil is a bit slow, but halfway into the book the pace not only picks up but it takes you in a roller coaster ride of emotions, with ups, downs, twists and turns that will leave you with you heart in your hand. The end was not a cliffhanger but still it’s one that will leave you counting the days for the release of the next and last installment of this series Blue-Blooded Vamp

Silver-Tongued Devil is a great addition to a great series. If you are an urban fantasy lover this is a series you need to read. Silver-Tongued Devil is not a stand-alone book, these books should be read in order. 

My Verdict: 5 Paws

Other books in the series
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The Mage in Black
Green-Eyed Demon
Silver-Tongued Demon
Blue-Blooded Vamp (June 7th)

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  1. it sounds so good I can't wait to read this one, I just loved the other ones! I was hoping I could wait a little more to read it but I don't know if it'll be possible now lol.

  2. I am yet to read book 1, but well one day one day ;)

  3. Mellieane, These books are great. I hope you like this one as much as I did.

    Blodeuedd, Hopefully sooner rather than later ;)

  4. *blocks ears* la la la. I am Super excited to be reading book one sometime this year. Go me ;) I didn't read this because I have gotten myself into trouble reading reviews for future books in a series I have yet to start but I like that you gave it 5 stars. Very promising.


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