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Monday, February 13, 2012

Covers of the World: Angel's Blood by Nalini Singh

Today in Covers of the World we have Angel's Blood by Nalini Singh

English First Edition
English Reissue Edition
English Audiobook Edition
French Edition 
German Edition
Hungarian Edition 
Indonesian Edition
Italian Edition
Japanese Edition 
Polish Edition 
Portuguese Edition 
Spanish Edition

As you can see the Spanish and latest English edition use the same cover and same font. The Portuguese edition uses the same cover but different font.
My two favorites are the Hungarian and the German edition and my least favorites are the Indonesian edition and the audiobook edition. I don't know why but it's almost a requirement for an audiobook to have an awful cover. Later on I'm planning to do a post about audiobooks covers, so you can also see what I'm talking about.
From these ones which is your favorite and least favorite cover? 


  1. Great post! I think I like the English edition the most. I also agree that the Indonesian cover is my least favourite.

    MichelleKCanada @AnotherLookBook

    1. Yes, the Indonesian cover is really bad. :(

  2. I love the English edition but I confess for this series I have the french one.

    It's funny the cover of the English Audiobook Edition is like the french one for one of the Chloe Neill series.

    1. I'm gonna look for the Cloe Neill cover. Audiobook covers are terrible.

  3. I guess the first is my fav and my least fav is the Indonesian cos that one is just bad

    1. In the post a did a while back for Darkfever's cover the Indonesian was also the worst. :(

  4. I also think the Indonesian cover is the worst. Not necessarily because it's a bad photo or anything, it just doesn't suit the characters. At all. They look too teeny-boppy. lol I think the Italian cover is neat. The Polish edition got Elena's hair color right but the rest of the cover is meh. I can't say which is my fave though. lol Great post!

  5. I love the French edition!! You got to add for a laugh the audiobook


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