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Friday, February 3, 2012

Review: Spellcast by Barbara Ashford

Title: Spellcast
Author: Barbara Ashford
Genre: Contemporary Fantasy
Publisher: DAW
Source: Gift from a dear friend
Format: Paperback
“When Maggie Graham lost her job and her apartment fell to pieces, she decided to flee New York City for a while and hide in Vermont, at the Crossroads Theatre. She hadn't planned to audition, yet soon found herself part of the summer stock cast. But her previous acting experiences couldn't prepare her for the theater's unusual staff-and its handsome, almost otherworldly director”
After hearing so many good things about Spellcast by Barbara Ashford I knew I had to read it, I was waiting for the perfect moment and it came during my vacation, a vacation in which I vowed not to read (much) or do anything book related. But Spellcast had another idea; after reading just couple of paragraphs I found myself completely surrendered to its magic and wishing for more alone time to read. 

I like and enjoy theater but if I’m being honest I don’t know much about what’s going on behind the curtains nor do I know about the process it takes for an idea to become a reality in a stage. Mrs. Ashford clearly knows her theater and in Spellcast she masterfully brings all her knowledge to the pages making us live and experience the life behind and on the theater. 

What I liked about Spellcast? I liked everything, there is nothing I can say I didn’t like. Spellcast is a book that made me laugh, cry, hope and wish for more. The characters are diverse and so well written that they felt very real, so real that you can identify them with people you know. They all have their flaws and their good qualities, flaws and qualities you also identify in yourself and others. 

Maggie is a great heroine, her life is upside-down and she finds herself  in a weird theater, surrounding by unconventional people. She knows there is more to them and the theater even though they are pretending everything is normal. I loved how she was stubborn enough not to let other people’s suggestions change her reality. 

Rowan is the mysterious hero with a secret past and an aura of sadness surrounding him. He is moody and reclusive but lives to helps others. He is one of those persons that you would give everything to discover what’s causing his melancholy and comfort him in any possible way.

Spellcast is a book of discovery of oneself, the value of friendships and relationships, all this with a smidgen of romance, lots of hope and a touch of bittersweet added to the equation. 

As I said before the writing is superb, the words flows and the pages fly one by one, submerging you even more in the magical world Mrs. Ashford created.

Categorizing Spellcast is not an easy task, because it has a little of different genres, the closes it comes is to contemporary fantasy. Anyway Spellcast is a book I recommend to anyone who wants an opportunity to read a very beautiful book. 
The end of Spellcast is the one it should have, even though you may wish for a different one. After finishing it I was glad to learned Mrs. Ashford is working in the sequel of this wonderful book, needless to say I’m eagerly looking forward to Spellcrossed’s release sometime later on during this year. 

My Verdict: 5 Paws

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  1. I did hear around the block that it was good :)

    How is Heir going?????

    1. Spellcast is really good, I'm sure you'll like it.
      Heir is going ok, I'm 1/4 in of last part (book 6).

  2. *sigh* Fine... I'll read it. ;)

  3. Yes yes yes yes yes!! I am so happy you loved this one. I was SOBBING at the end. SOBBBINNNGGGG. The writing is just as you said, superb.


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