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Monday, February 20, 2012

Review: Tainted Soul by Sam C. Leonhard

Title: Tainted Soul
AuthorSam C. Leonhard
SeriesTainted, book 2
GenreM/M Fantasy, M/M Urban Fantasy
PublisherDreamspinner Press
Source: Review copy from publisher
Format: E-book
“Gabriel Jordan, part-time werewolf and full-time private investigator, should be living a happy life. Three years ago, he was a homeless thief; now he’s got a loving partner and a job he enjoys, he lives in a nice house, and he doesn’t have to worry about tomorrow. So why the sudden urge to cheat on Aleksei, the handsome and occasionally deceptive fae he loves? Why does Gabriel feel compelled to flee the life he’s built for himself?

Someone’s calling him. Someone’s looking for him. Someone holds his destiny in her hands. The portals to the hidden worlds have become unstable, even dangerous. Fear and madness linger in the dark. Panic and nightmares chase him, but Gabriel can’t fight an enemy he can’t see, and even turning into his wolf form may not be enough to save him.”
Tainted Soul is the second book in the Tainted series by Sam C. Leonhard. 

Tainted Soul starts three years after events in Tainted Blood (first book). Gabriel and Aleksei have been living a happy life, Aleksei is doing his researches and trying to find out to which other race Gabe belongs to and Gabriel is working at his detective firm, thanks to his ability to use the portals he especializes with great success in finding missing family members in other worlds. 

Things were going well until couple of weeks ago when Gabriel started to feel as if somebody was calling him, the same voice is putting ideas in his head, and urging him to hurt and leave Aleksei. Because of this voice Gabe has done things he’s not proud of and his relationship with Aleksei is in jeopardy, to add to all this he is forgetting things and day by day his memory is getting worse. 

Aleksei knows there is something going on with Gabe, his behavior has been erratic at times although he doesn’t admit it. Aleksei wants to help him but for that he needs Gabe to be honest with him. At the same time Aleksei is very busy, the Fae Council asked him to investigate the portals, they have become unstable and people using them are disappearing or losing their lives. 

Tainted Soul has a very different feeling from Tainted Blood, Tainted Blood was more like an m/m erotic paranormal romance while Tainted Soul feels more like a mix between m/m fantasy and urban fantasy. There are still hot scenes but not as many as in Tainted Blood

I liked Gabe but during the first chapters he made my heart ache and more than once I wanted to slap him and beg him to be honest with Aleksei. I understand he thinks he is getting crazy, hearing voices and all that but many things he did could have been avoided if he was honest from the beginning. 

Aleksei is one of my favorite characters, I loved his cool demeanor and how rational he is, I think he’s the perfect balance that Gabe needs in his life. His love for Gabe was proved page after page and while Gabe gave me heartache, my heart broke for Aleksei. Their relationship is tested many times in this book, hard decisions will have to be made and hard truths will be known. 

We see characters from previous books, they all have come a long way and their changes are noticeable in this book. New characters are introduced, some we will love, some we will hate and some others we won’t know what to think about them. The story is told from different points of view, the change between narrators is smooth and easy to follow. Sometimes I don’t like when there are many narrators but in this case it works perfectly with the story. 

In Tainted Soul Mrs. Leonhard created a story with a fluid pace, strong characters and with all the different worlds and different races a rich world building. I really hope this series continue, I would love to see more of Gabe, Aleksei and their new family.
Tainted Soul can be read as a stand alone but I recommend you to read it after Tainted Blood to understand better where the characters are coming from. 

My Verdict: 4 Paws

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  1. When I read the blurb I do not get the cover at all..Well the blurb is not all after all

    1. After reading it the cover makes "some" sense but it's a bit spoilerish.


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