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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Covers of the World: Halfway to the Grave by Jeaniene Frost

Today in Covers of the World we have Halfway to the Grave. Halfway to the Grave is the first book of one of my favorite series, Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost.


1. From left to right: English US edition, English UK edition and Audiobook edition.


2. From left to right: French edition, Polish edition and Spanish edition.


3. From left to right: Turkish edition, Italian edition, German edition.


4. From left to right: Bulgarian edition, Indonesian edition.

As you can see most of the covers of Halfway to the Grave use the same image with different fonts and position modifications. From those with the same image the ones I like the most are the US and Turkish editions, both covers use the same font and position in the art. The audiobook as always has a weird cover, I can't say is terrible but the image of "Cat" looks superimposed on the background. 
From the other covers I don't have a favorite but I have a least favorite and that one is the Bulgarian Cover. The pose of the model is just wrong, the arm position looks weird and short compare to the body and it's not clear if the model is using shoes or is on tiptoes. 
What do you think? Which one of these are your favorite and least favorite?


  1. I'm with you, I like the American version too, and I don't like the Bulgarian cover at all, it's even worse than the audiobook

    1. I know! I was surprised that the audiobook cover wasn't that bad. lol

  2. it's funny to see it's the same picture. I think I would say the polish for me. You're right I'm not a lot into the bulgarian either...

    1. You are right, Polish edition is also nice. If I'm not wrong is the same font as US and Turkish cover.

  3. What the f is the Bulgarian girl doing? *shakes head* bad bad cover

  4. Cool post. I'm kind of digging the Indonesian edition, but the German edition... Blech!.


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