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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Covers of the World: Legacy (Alera) by Cayla Kluver

Today in Covers of the World we have Legacy. Legacy is the first book in the Legacy Trilogy by Cayla Kluver. In some countries Legacy is also known as Alera.

English Self-Published Edition
English AmazonEncore Edition
English HarlequinTeen Edition
English Australian Edition
Dutch Edition
French Edition
German Edition
Greek Edition
Spanish Edition
Italian Edition
Japanese Edition
Portuguese Edition
Hungarian Edition
From these covers my favorites are the Portuguese and Japanese Edition and my least favorites are the Dutch and Greek Edition.
The German cover is also nice but I have noticed that all the German covers are very similar, almost all I have seen use the same formula, the pretty girl on the side of the cover, even the models used in the different books are "look alike".
From these ones which is your favorite and least favorite cover? 


  1. I don't really like the french one and well like kate daniels I have it!! Yeah!!! lol but I really love the English HarlequinTeen Edition. So gorgeous!

    1. You are right and the Harlequin cover for the second book is even nicer.

  2. I like the English Harlequin the most, and there is something about the Dutch one. The Greek one is tres boring

  3. What an interesting pick for your post Marcela! The covers are SO different one from the other - it's amazing really. The German edition...her eye are whoa. And you're right about the covers from there being similar. lol But I think I like the Portugese one best.


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