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Friday, April 20, 2012

Review: Devil's Punch by Ann Aguirre

Title: Devil’s Punch
Author: Ann Aguirre
Series: Corine Solomon, book 4
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Publisher: Roc
Source: Review copy from author
Format: Paperback
“As a handler, Corine Solomon can touch any object and learn its history. Her power is a gift, but one that’s thrown her life off track. The magical inheritance she received from her mother is dangerously powerful, and Corine has managed to mark herself as a black witch by dealing with demons to solve her problems. 
Back home, Corine is trying to rebuild her pawnshop and her life with her ex Chance, despite the target on her back. But when the demons she provoked kidnap her best friend in retaliation, Corine puts everything on hold to save her. It's undoubtedly a trap, but Corine would do anything to save those she loves, even if it means sacrificing herself...”
Devil’s Punch is the fourth book in the Corine Solomon series by Ann Aguirre.

Devil’s Punch starts couple of months after the events in Shady Lady (third book). Corine is back in Mexico, she is rebuilding her pawnshop and trying to live with the consequences of her actions in Shady Lady. Chance has left everything behind and has followed Corine to Mexico; he is doing his best to win her back. Things are going well between them, Chance is opening more and slowly Corine is letting her walls down. But her peace ends when she learns that Shannon has been kidnapped by demons and was taken to Sheol (Hell). Feeling responsible for Shannon’s predicament Corine knows she needs to rescue her. Abandoning all her plans she leaves for Sheol in company of Chance.
Corine knows the demons are using Shannon as bait and she is walking into a trap, but she doesn’t care, for her best friend she is willing to do everything in her power to bring her back safely, including giving her life. But nothing could have prepared her for what she encounters in Sheol. 

I really don’t know where to start with this review, so I’m going to start with my first words after I finish reading Devil’s Punch, those words were: WOW-WOW-WOW!! I’m not kidding that was what I said when I finished it. But let me tell you something else, those words came out of my mouth after five minutes of being staring at the last sentence of the book in state of shock, I was completely speechless and I may have had some tears in my eyes.

I don’t want to give much away, let’s just say that Corine went through a very difficult and strange transformation in Sheol, she became an even more complex character and the way Mrs. Aguirre accomplished her character’s duality was masterfully done.

Chance, oh dear Chance. I have to be honest with you, I didn’t like Chance and after meeting Kel in Shady Lady I didn’t want to see Chance again but in this book he was the better and improved version of Chance, one that slowly made me like him and even cheer for him, almost to the point of forgetting a “bit” about Kel (not completely). In this book Chance gave his best for Corine and was left with an uncertain future, one that broke my heart a little bit.

I have loved Shannon since she was first introduced in this series and in this book I loved her even more. She also went through a strong transformation, she is not longer a teenager she is a woman and a very kick ass one.

Characters we loved from previous books like Kel, Chuch, Eva and Booke were conspicuous by their absence and Jesse Saldana was only present through telephone conversations.
Many new characters, good and bad were introduced; from them I felt in love with Greydust and had mixed feelings about Ninlil. New friendships were formed and betrayals were committed.

Devil’s Punch had a completely different feeling compared to previous books in the series, it felt new and refreshing; Devil’s Punch is set in an different world, a world so vivid and realistic that now, days after reading it I feel as if I went to Sheol. I just need to close my eyes to picture the streets of Xibalba, the Queen’s Palace or the different demons’ castes.

Devil’s Punch is a non-stop-action-page-turner that will have you glued to its pages. With its many twist and turns it will take you on an emotional roller coaster, one with a final stop that will leave you panting for breath and wishing for a time travel machine to take you to March 2013 to the release date of Agave Kiss, the fifth and last book in this series. The only thing left for me to say is that Mrs. Aguirre has done it again.

I can’t recommend you enough this book, this series and this author in general. I have read all of Mrs. Aguirre’s books and I can honestly tell you that all of them are amazing books.
I recommend you to read these books in order to fully experience and appreciate the magical world Mrs. Aguirre has created with her words.

My Verdict: 5 paws

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  1. wow when I see that I wonder why the first book is still next to me on my desk waiting for me to read it lol. I hope I'll love this series as much as you do. Great review!

  2. Great review~!! I'm still trying to write my feelings on it because SO MUCH HAPPENS. I didn't know how I would feel with some of the turns of events, but looking back I'm really pleased with the book. It was awesome.

  3. Now why did I just read one book in this series!? And so long ago too. Silly silly me

  4. Wow. Apparently I am missing out by not reading this series. I'll have to change that soon. Great review!


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