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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Movie Trailer: Hotel Transylvania

Hotel Transylvania is the upcoming computer-animated comedy film starred by Adam Sandler and Selena Gomez.  
From iMDB: "Dracula, who operates a high-end resort away from the human world, goes into overprotective mode when a boy discovers the resort and falls for the count's teen-aged daughter."

Movie Poster

Friday, June 29, 2012

Review: Thief of Shadows by Elizabeth Hoyt

Title: Thief of Shadows
Author: Elizabeth Hoyt
Series: Maiden Lane, book 4
Genre: Historical Romance
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Source: Review copy from publisher
Format: E-book
"A Masked Man . . .  
Winter Makepeace lives a double life. By day he's the stoic headmaster of a home for foundling children. But the night brings out a darker side of Winter. As the moon rises, so does the Ghost of St. Giles—protector, judge, fugitive. When the Ghost, beaten and wounded, is rescued by a beautiful aristocrat, Winter has no idea that his two worlds are about to collide.
A Dangerous Woman . . .
Lady Isabel Beckinhall enjoys nothing more than a challenge. Yet when she's asked to tutor the Home's dour manager in the ways of society— flirtation, double-entendres, and scandalous liaisons—Isabel can't help wondering why his eyes seem so familiar—and his lips so tempting.
A Passion Neither Could Deny
During the day Isabel and Winter engage in a battle of wills. At night their passions are revealed . . . But when little girls start disappearing from St. Giles, Winter must avenge them. For that he might have to sacrifice everything—the Home, Isabel . . . and his life."
Thief of Shadows is the fourth book in the Maiden Lane series by Elizabeth Hoyt.

Winter Makepeace lives to serve the needy, especially the children, he has dedicated his life to this, during the day as the headmaster of a home of foundling children and at night as the protector of St. Giles also known as the Ghost of St. Giles.
His nighttime occupation is not an easy one and more than once he has been wounded trying to protect others and that is the case after saving the pirate “Charming” Mickey O’Connor from hanging (Scandalous Desires, third book in the series). Winter finds himself gravely injured, followed by a mob and without means of escape.
Lady Isabel Beckinhall is on her way back home from visiting the home for foundling children where she is a patroness, when the commotion on the street catches her attention, what surprises her the most about the situation it’s the injured man in the middle of the street, without thinking twice she orders her coachman to put him in her carriage and takes him home with her to treat his injuries. She knows the man she just rescued and tended is the famous Ghost of St. Giles, but she can’t learn his real identity because he doesn’t let her remove the mask he is wearing. As soon as he’s able and without anyone’s notice Winter/Ghost leaves Lady Isabel’s house without further ado.
But Winter’s problems doesn’t end with his leg injury, he is also investigating the mysterious disappearance of small girls in St. Giles and if that wasn’t enough some of the other patronesses of the home of foundling children find him unfit for the position of headmaster and want a man with better social skills than him. Winter has dedicated his life to the home of foundling children and is willing to do anything to be able to continue in his position, including accepting the help with classes in proper social behavior and etiquette from the infuriating and intriguing Lady Isabel
What neither of them was expecting was to find the other bemusedly fascinating.

Since the moment I was introduced to Winter Makepeace in Wicked Intentions (first book on this series) I knew there should be more about him than his dour and staid façade, but honestly I wasn’t expecting to be this much. Saying that I was surprised to learn that he was the Ghost of St. Giles is an understatement but the more I get to know Winter the more I realized there was not a better man to be The Ghost of St. Giles than him.
Winter is a passionate man, everything he does he does it giving all of himself without reservations whether related to the children he cares for or being attracted to Lady Isabel. For that same reason he doesn’t want to feel what he is feeling for her, he is new to all this and doesn’t know how he should act in this kind of situations. 
Lady Isabel as many society ladies shows one face to the public while hiding her real self; Winter is the only one that has been able to see behind the fake veil she wears in public.
Lady Isabel also doesn’t want to feel what she’s feeling for Winter, not only he’s six years her junior but he is not the man a woman like her should get involved with, but no other man has ever intrigued her as Winter has and when she discovers he is the Ghost of St. Giles she can’t help but want him more.

Both Winter and Lady Isabel have strong personalities. They are very smart and witty as well, the banter between them was one of the best I’ve read. Their scorching attraction is off the charts, and the steamy scenes are boiling hot. Mrs. Hoyt knows how to build up the sexual tension and how to deliver with the sexiest scenes you can imagine.

The mystery involving the missing girls in St. Giles was really well done and had me wondering until the end.

Thief of Shadows is a Great addition to an Amazing series (capitalization is in order). Thief of Shadows can be read as a stand-alone but I recommend you to read all the books in this series. Without a doubt Maiden Lane is one of my favorite historical series ever. I’m eagerly looking forward to the release of the next installment of this series, Lord of Darkness.
If you like historical romance you have to read this book and this series in general. Mrs. Hoyt is a master storyteller, one you need to discover by yourself.

My Verdict: 4 ½ Paws

Other books in the series
Wicked Intentions
Notorious Pleasures
Scandalous Desires
Thief of Shadows
Lord of Darkness (Feb. 26th 2013)
Duke of Midnight (2013)

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Covers of the World: Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead

Today in Covers of the World we have the first book in the Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead, Vampire Academy

1. From left to right: English US first edition, English US last edition and English UK edition. 

2. From left to right: German edition, Spanish edition and Turkish edition.

3. From left to right: Indonesian edition, Dutch edition and Bulgarian edition. 

4. From left to right: Italian edition, Slovenian edition and Swedish edition. 

Vampire Academy has over 50 editions, many of those use the same cover as English US first edition. 
From the above covers my favorites are the English US last edition and German edition. What I like about the English US last edition cover is its simplicity. And about the German cover I like the colors, I think is very pretty. 
The ones I don't like are many, let's start by the Turkish cover, what is the guy doing in the cover? And couldn't they find a better model with a little less makeup? The Dutch edition looks more like an historical than a paranormal cover and what is with the Swedish edition? Were they trying to channel the exorcist or what?
Ok, now it's your turn, what do you think of these covers? 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday's Hot-Hot Hottie: Matthew Morrison

Today's Hot-Hot Hottie is the American actor, dancer, and musician Matthew Morrison. He is most known for his role as Will Schuester on the TV show Glee. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Early Review: Chasing Magic by Stacia Kane

Title: Chasing Magic
Author: Stacia Kane
Series: Downside Ghosts, book 5
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Publisher: Random House Publishing
Source: Review copy from publisher
Format: E-book
Magic-wielding Churchwitch and secret addict Chess Putnam knows better than anyone just how high a price people are willing to pay for a chemical rush. But when someone with money to burn and a penchant for black magic starts tampering with Downside’s drug supply, Chess realizes that the unlucky customers are paying with their souls—and taking the innocent with them, as the magic-infused speed compels them to kill in the most gruesome ways possible. 
As if the streets weren’t scary enough, the looming war between the two men in her life explodes, taking even more casualties and putting Chess squarely in the middle. Downside could become a literal ghost town if Chess doesn’t find a way to stop both the war and the dark wave of death-magic, and the only way to do that is to use both her addiction and her power to enter the spell and chase the magic all the way back to its malevolent source. Too bad that doing so will probably kill Chess—if the war doesn’t first destroy the man who’s become her reason for living.”
Chasing Magic is the fifth installment in the Downside Ghosts series by Stacia Kane.

The blurb is very explanatory, I won’t add more to it because I don’t want to give too much away; you should discover this book by yourself.

I think the best way to start this review is with “What an emotional ride”. Since the first paragraph Mrs. Kane grabs you with her words and doesn’t let you go until you reach the last word.

Since the moment I read Unholy Ghosts the Downside Ghosts series became one of my favorite series, but lately, especially with the last book, Sacrificial Magic (despite being a great book), I felt it was the same thing over and over and I was afraid this book was going to be the same of the same. I love this series so much I was afraid I was going to get tired of it. I have to be honest with you, I was a little bit reluctant to reading this book, I postponed it for days at a time until I knew I couldn’t postponed it anymore, I “had to” read it. But now after reading Chasing Magic I can honestly say that even though you could say Chasing Magic has many elements of previous books it’s at the same time A LOT more. I’ m pretty sure I lost you by now with my ramblings, let me try to explain, for four books we have seen the destructive path Chess has been going through, in four books she didn’t change a bit, I can even say she got somehow worse and seeing her going through that path was not only heartbreaking but too much, I wanted her to see there is more than just her fears, her past and being high, I wanted her to see there is a future for her, one that could be good if only she gives herself the opportunity to live it. She is a great person and I wanted her to see that. Seeing her self-loathing was getting a bit old. Don’t take me wrong, for grand part of this book she is still the same Chess but now we are left with the feeling that there is hope for her. There are not big changes because that would be unrealistic, but as I said before there is hope and that is thanks to Terrible. OMG! Terrible, he couldn’t be any better because it’s impossible. It’s incredible how a character like him, a drug dealer’s enforcer can have the heart that he has and the best part is that his emotions felt real. He loves his Cheesiebomb with all his big heart and is not afraid of showing it (just thinking about him brings a smile to my face). He wears his heart on his sleeve and is willing to do ANYTHING for Chess, anything, when I say anything I mean ANYTHING. Terrible may not be the handsomest man out there but for sure he is the most swoon worthy.

One of the things I like the most about Chasing Magic is that there is a lot of Terrible in it. In this installment Chess and Terrible have to work very, very, very close and that’s a treat for us readers. Seeing their interactions and how little by little they are discovering how important they are in each other lives is an amazing ride. I’m not saying everything is rose and petals because it’s not, there are more sad and heartbreaking moments than happy ones but they are there because Terrible and (especially) Chess needed them to be there to able to move forward. Maybe Chess doesn’t move at the pace we would like her to move but even at a snail pace she is now going forward. YAY!

With Lex things are a bit more complicated, not only he is the new leader of Slowbag’s territory but also he knows Chess and knows how to push her buttons. Now as Bump’s enemy Lex has plans to take over Bump’s territory, those plans affect Chess and of course Terrible because he’s on Lex’s way. I wanted to hate Lex for certain decisions he made in this book but I couldn’t, I understand why he did it, it’s a war between gangs where everything goes. Also I can help but wonder if Lex is in love with Chess, sometimes there was no doubt about it while others… I wanted to slap him.

In Chasing Magic we see more of Bump and learn a little bit about his relationship with Terrible. He also shows a different side in this installment, one we can’t call soft but I guess in his case it could apply.

Elder Griffin has played an important role in Chess’ life, he is the only man she has ever trust (before Terrible) and he has loved her and respected her since the moment he met her. In Chasing Magic some truths come to the light and their relationship changes drastically. I don’t know if things can go back to the way there were but for Chess’ sake I can only hope.

The story in Chasing Magic is dark and gritty as we can expect with this series. The plot is well developed with not a dull moment. The world Mrs. Kane creates is creepy and scary as hell.
Chasing Magic is a roller coaster of emotions that will keep you on the edge of your chair with so many twists and turns and heart wrenching moments that you will need hours to decompress after reading it, despite that, Chasing Magic will leave you with a “feel good” feeling.

Chasing Magic is one of my favorite books in the series, one you have to read if you are a fan of this series and if you haven’t read this series what are you waiting for? Downside Ghosts is one of the best Urban Fantasy series out there and as I said many times before, Stacia Kane writes Urban Fantasy at its best.

My Verdict: 4 ½ Paws

Other books in the series
Unholy Ghosts
Unholy Magic
City of Ghosts
Sacrificial Magic
Chasing Magic (06/26/2012)

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Movie Trailer: Breaking Dawn - Part 2

Breaking Dawn - Part 2 is the fifth and last installment in the romantic fantasy films The Twilight Saga. Breaking Dawn - Part 2 is based on the novel of the same name by Stephenie Meyer.
From iMDB: "After the birth of Renesmee, the Cullens gather other vampire clans in order to protect the child from a false allegation that puts the family in front of the Volturi."

Movie Poster

Friday, June 22, 2012

Review: The Hostage Bargain by Annika Martin

Title: The Hostage Bargain
Author: Annika Martin
Series: Taken Hostage by Hunky Bank Robbers, book 1
Genre: Erotica
Source: Review copy from author
Format: E-book
“When small town girl Melinda Prescott is taken hostage by three hot bank robbers, she quickly discovers that a life of bank heists, luxury hotels, and kinky menages is way more exciting than working on the family farm. She should be scared of her dominating, fierce captors…but there’s something wicked inside her that’s craving to obey their every dark desire. 
Melinda eagerly throws in with her three smoldering fugitives…and soon realizes that these are no ordinary bank robbers—and that bad guys aren’t always who they seem. But will her delicious captors overcome their own demons enough to let her in? And can they fight a conspiracy that’s larger than all of them? 
Warning: This book contains a sexy bank-robbers-and-their-captive sandwich, light bondage, spanking, teasing hints of domination, and a little play-time in a hot tub. Oh, and some all-too-delicious alpha heroes who bend the heroine to their will.”
The Hostage Bargain is the first installment in the Taken Hostage by Hunky Bank Robbers series by Annika Martin.

After reading the blurb I knew I have to read this book and I can honestly say I’m very glad with my decision.

Melinda Prescott is not your normal sheep farmer; for starters she works as a bank teller for the bank that controls the mortgage of her family’s sheep farm. She works there as a way to pay the late payments her parents left after their deaths; although if it were for her she would be doing something a lot more exciting than banking and sheep farming.
Melinda’s boss is a despicable man who is using the farm’s loan as a way to manipulate Melinda. When the bank is attack by bank robbers Melinda’s see it as an opportunity to make his boss pay for everything he has done and decides to help the bank robbers as much as she can, she shows them where the money is kept, she even shows them some diamonds that were kept hidden by her boss.
The bank robbers seeing her wiliness to help them decide to take her as a hostage, she knows she should feel afraid but Melinda can help but enjoy the situation, she is a thrill seeker at heart.
What Melinda wasn’t expecting was the connection she feels towards these three hunky bank robbers who use names of gods as their own. A connection that fills the void she felt in her life. The only problem is to convince them to let her stay with them and be part of their group.

The story is a little bit farfetched and Melinda’s character is a bit too much to be real but the way Mrs. Martin writes makes it work perfectly.
Melinda is funny, smart and sassy with a winning personality. She also has a good balance between innocence and wickedness that make her easy to connect with.
The hunky robbers, Zeus, Thor and Odin are dreamy and sexy as hell (lucky Melinda). Zeus is the tortured hero you want to take care of, Thor is the softhearted and kind who takes care of you and Odin is the witty and the brain of the operation who likes to play with your head in more ways than one. Together they made a dysfunctional group that works masterfully as a whole. It’s obvious by the way they related to each other that their relationship is more than a simple friendship and that together they have experienced more than good moments. We learn a bit about their pasts but not enough to satiate our interest in them.

The plot is well developed and moves fluidly. The story is very character driven, with some unexpected twist and turns. The steamy scenes are really hot but what I liked the most was the buildup tension preliminary to those scenes... Hot, hot hot! 
The end is not a cliffhanger but one that will leave you wanting for more. I can’t wait to read following installments in this series, I’m dying to know how is going work the new dynamic of the group as a long-term situation.

Annika Martin brings us a new and refreshing take in erotica. The Hostage Bargain is a great and funny story with complex characters and many laughing out loud moments. If you want a well written, fun, sexy and easy read this book is for you.

My Verdict: 4 Paws

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Covers of the World: Caressed By Ice by Nalini Singh

Today in Covers of the World we have the third book in the Psy-Changeling series by Nalini Singh, Caressed by Ice.

1. From left to right: English US edition, English UK edition and Spanish edition. 

2. From left to right: German edition, French edition and Thai edition.

3. From left to right: English audiobook edition and Japanese edition.

For me is very important that a cover represents the book or at least that is true to its content, so when I see a cover that is "wrong" I can't help but have problems with it and that is the case with the German and the English audiobook covers. In those covers the male characters is depicted as a shifter and in Caressed By Ice the male character is a Psy not a shifter. 
The covers I like the least are the Japanese, the English audiobook and the English US covers. In the Japanese cover the model looks like a child, that feels wrong especially with the adult content of the book. Apart for being wrong the Audiobook cover is really ugly, the guy with the mullet and the woman with the 70s makeup doesn't help and the English US edition cover feels outdated. 
My favorite cover is the English UK edition, I like the model, the font and the colors, it's a lot better than the Spanish edition despite being very similar. 
What do you think of these covers? 

Monday, June 18, 2012

We Have a Winner!

Suz Reads @SuzReads

Thank you all for participating, it was lots of fun. 

Suz, you have been notified by email. You have 72 hours to contact me, if after 72 hours you have not responded a new winner will be chosen. 

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Review: Dark Kiss by Michelle Rowen

Title: Dark Kiss
Author: Michelle Rowen
Series: Nightwatchers, book 1
Genre: YA Fiction
Publisher: Harlequin
Source: Review copy from publisher
Format: E-book
“I don't do dangerous.

Smart, über-careful, ordinary Samantha—that's me. But I just couldn't pass up a surprise kiss from my number one unattainable crush. A kiss that did something to me, something strange. Now I feel hungry all the time, but not for food. It's like part of me is missing—and I don't know if I can get it back.

Then there's Bishop. At first I thought he was just a street kid, but the secrets he's keeping are as intense as his unearthly blue eyes. If he's what I think he is, he may be the only one who can help me. But something terrifying is closing in, and the one chance Bishop and I have to stop it means losing everything I ever wanted and embracing the darkness inside me.”
Dark Kiss is the first installment in the Nightwatchers series by Michelle Rowen.

Samantha (Sam) is your normal teenager with some personal issues due to her parents’ divorce and feeling of abandonment as a result of the divorce.
Sam couldn’t believe her luck the night Stephen Keyes, her crush of all her life wanted to kiss her. Little did she know that that kiss would change her drastically, Stephen not only made her dream come true, he also stole her soul with his kiss, turning her into a Grey, a being who needs to steal souls by kissing others to survive.
After the serious amounts of new Greys in Trinity, New York, Heaven and Hell are forced to unite their fronts to control this new threat, they send a team of two angels and two demons to investigate who is behind the new creations of Greys and to manage the situation. Bishop is the angel in charge of the mission, next to Zach (angel), Kraven and Roth (demons) will have to control the Greys and find their “maker” before it’s too late.
What Bishop wasn’t expecting are the complications he is experiencing in Trinity, nor the attraction he is feeling for Sam, a Grey that should be his enemy, instead she is the only person that can help him with his mission.

While I enjoyed reading Dark Kiss I had some problems with it. The main problem was that I couldn’t connect or like the main characters and when you don’t like the main characters you know you have a problem.

Sam (was very special) had a very wishy-washy personality and her decisions let too much to be desired (even though she was special). The only thing I liked about her was (apart for being special) that she didn’t panic when she learned she had lost her soul but (as a special person) tried to look for answers and a solution. The rest of the time (when she wasn’t special) I wanted to shake her a little bit (to make her special). She was better (and special) by the end but it was not enough for me to like her (despite being special).
You may be thinking I lost my “special” mind but don’t worry, I’m still “sane”, I just wanted you to feel what I felt while reading this book, I don’t know how many times it was said that Sam was “special”, but I can guarantee you it was many more times than what I used in that paragraph… Did I tell you she was special?

Now let’s talk about Bishop. He is dreamy and a tortured hero, we all love those but… the problem I have with him is that I don’t know much about him, ok, I know he is an angel with a turbulent past and issues in the present, but from that past we don’t know much, just minor glimpses that didn’t help me to learn who he was or to make a real connection to him.

Another problem I had was their insta-love connection, apart from that there was not a real connection between them, I didn’t see or feel why they like each other. There was nothing that would have made me believe their relationship was real and lasting.

From the secondary characters I liked half of them the other half I could have done without them. Sam’s best-friend Carly was annoying and stupid; she kind of redeem herself at the end but it was a little too late. Roth was another one that didn’t anything to the story. Zach was a nice character; he brought the soft side of the angels and made me want to learn more about him.
Now my favorite character, the one that stole the show was the demon Kraven, he was the more complex and interesting of the characters and the one that made the story a better one. He not only brought the laughs to the pages but also the deep moments.

Don’t take me wrong, despite of what I didn’t like I enjoyed Dark Kiss. If you don’t take in consideration the repetitiveness of certain (small) things the writing was fluid and entangling.
The ending was not a cliffhanger but one that ensures there is more to come and what is coming won’t be easy or nice.
Dark Kiss reminded me a lot of the Soul Screamers series by Rachel Vincent and Vampire Diaries by L.J. Smith, if you like those series you may like this one.
Due to my inability to connect with its main characters I don’t think I’ll continue with this series. I’m not sure Dark Kiss would be appealing to adult audiences but I’m sure it’ll be to YA.

My Verdict: 3 Paws

Other books in this series
Dark Kiss
Wicked Kiss (TBA)

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Movie Trailer: Resident Evil: Retribution

Resident Evil: Retribution is the upcoming science-fiction film starring Milla Jovovich.  Resident Evil: Retribution is also the fifth installment in the Resident Evil film series. This films are based on the Capcom horror series of the same name.
"The Umbrella Corporation’s deadly T-virus continues to ravage the Earth, transforming the global population into legions of the flesh eating Undead. The human race’s last and only hope, Alice (Milla Jovovich), awakens in the heart of Umbrella’s most clandestine operations facility and unveils more of her mysterious past as she delves further into the complex. Without a safe haven, Alice continues to hunt those responsible for the outbreak; a chase that takes her from Tokyo to New York, Washington, D.C. and Moscow, culminating in a mind-blowing revelation that will force her to rethink everything that she once thought to be true. Aided by newfound allies and familiar friends, Alice must fight to survive long enough to escape a hostile world on the brink of oblivion. The countdown has begun."

Movie Poster

Friday, June 15, 2012

Today I'm At... Yummy Men & Kick Ass Chicks

Today I'm guest reviewing... 


Click in any of the images to be taken directly to my review at Julie's blog and don't forget to say hi to her, she is one of my favorite people/reviewers in the world. 

Review: The Girl in the Clockwork Collar by Kady Cross

Title: The Girl in the Clockwork Collar
Author: Kady Cross
Series: Steampunk Chronicles, book 2
Genre: YA Steampunk
Publisher: Harlequin
Source: Review copy from publisher
Format: E-book
“In New York City, 1897, life has never been more thrilling - or dangerous.

Sixteen-year-old Finley Jayne and her "straynge band of mysfits" have journeyed from London to America to rescue their friend Jasper, hauled off by bounty hunters. But Jasper is in the clutches of a devious former friend demanding a trade-the dangerous device Jasper stole from him...for the life of the girl Jasper loves.

One false move from Jasper and the strange clockwork collar around Mei's neck tightens. And tightens.”
The Girl in the Clockwork Collar is the second book in the Steampunk Chronicles by Kady Cross.

The Girl in the Clockwork Collar starts couple of days after the events in The Girl in the Steel Corset. After Jasper arrest in London Griffin, Finley, Sam and Emily embark in a new adventure in search for the truth behind Jasper apprehension. At their arrival in New York they discovered that Jason wasn’t arrested, but was brought to New York by orders of Reno Dalton, who is the leader of a crime organization. Years back, when Jasper was living in America he stole from Jasper a device that could be use as a dangerous weapon. As a security precaution Jasper dismantled the weapon and hid its parts all around New York City. But now, Dalton wants his weapon back and to force Jasper hand he has in his power Jasper’s old flame, Mei Zing.
Dalton is not using shackles to have Mei imprisoned but has put a collar around her neck, if she gets too far from him or somebody else touches the collar it will start to tighten until he stops it or Mei will die.
The only way for Griffin and the gang to help Jasper is to infiltrate Dalton’s organization and here is where the adventure begins.

Findley has come a long way since The Girl in the Steel Corset, now she knows about her duality and is trying to make the best choices despite not being an easy situation. She is a good friend who is willing to go the extra mile to help those she cares for. Findley is also trying to come to terms with her feelings for Griffin and her sentiments of social inadequacy in regards to their different status.

In this installment Griffin also comes to accept his feelings for Findley and decided to act upon them even though he’s worried for her, he knows that a bad choice could change her forever and the Findley he loves could become somebody else.
Griffin feels very responsible for his friends, he’s the leader of the group and that makes him take everything that happens to them as if happened to him or worse.

Sam is the same broody Sam of The Girl in the Steel Corset, but in this book he shows a little more his soft side, who knew he had one. He has learned to accept what he has become and is doing his best with the second chance life gave him. The relationship with Emily is going strong; it’s easy to see they care deeply for each other. Emily is still the same genius we know, creating new and incredible machines everyday. In this installment she also shows us she has a backbone and doesn’t hide behind the others and her smart brain saves them more than once.

One thing I really liked about this book was the setting. This is the first Steampunk book I read set in New York and I really like a new setting for a change. I also liked how Mrs. Cross integrated real characters to the story like Nicola Tesla and in a sense the people of Five Points and their social struggles of the time.

The Steampunk aspect is strong in the story and really well done, so much that some of the inventions were almost believable.
From the very beginning I had my suspicious about who was good and who was bad and where betrayals were going to come from, I was pretty spot-on, but at the same time Mrs. Cross surprised me with the "depth" of the betrayal, if I can call it that.

The Girl in the Clockwork Collar is a fun, easy and entertaining read. All in all, The Girl in the Clockwork Collar a good addition to this series.
If you like YA and Steampunk this is a series you need to read. This book can be read as a stand-alone but there is a lot of background story behind the characters that I suggest you to read them in order to get the full effect.
I’m really looking forward to read more about Griffin and his motley crew and hopefully about Jack Dandy too.

My Verdict: 4 Paws

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The Girl in the Clockwork Collar

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