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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Covers of the World: Some Girls Bite by Chloe Neill

Today in Covers of the World we have Some Girls Bite. Some Girls Bite is the first book in the Chicagoland Vampires Series by Chloe Neill. 

1. From left to right: English US edition and English UK edition. 

2. From left to right: French edition and German edition

3. From left to right: Italian edition, Polish edition and Hungarian edition.

From these covers my favorite is the Polish edition, I love the model, the hair and the colors, I love how pale she is and her eyes, it almost shows her otherness. The others covers I could do without them...
The English US, Hungarian and Italian covers use the same formula, model infront of a big (Period) house. From those I like the colors of the Hungarian cover but the house looks as if it's falling apart and what is with the sunglasses in the Italian edition?
My least favorite is the English UK cover, followed closely by the French edition. The English UK edition with the light behind "Merit" looks more like a Scifi cover than an Urban Fantasy or Paranormal and my problem with the French edition is that the model doesn't look at all like Merit.
What do you think of these covers?


  1. I never liked the US one cos I thought it was YA, and therefore I did not read the books.

    Italian, lame. Anyway I think I have to go with the French one

  2. I have the three first books in french but haven't tried the series yet. I confess I think the french one is like a YA cover... But well I still think it's my favorite.

  3. 1st place: German
    2nd place: Hungarian

    I think they all look like YA books covers except for the French and Italian covers.

  4. I don't know the series but my fave is the Polish edition

  5. I think I like most of them, with the exceptions of the US and French edition.

  6. It's complete cheese but I really like the Polish edition.


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