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Friday, July 27, 2012

Early Review: Red by Kate SeRine

Title: Red
Author: Kate SeRine
Series: Transplanted Tales, book 1
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Publisher: Kensington Publishing
Source: Review copy from publisher
Format: E-book
“ ‘My name is Tess Little. But everyone calls me Red.’
Once upon a time, a spell went awry, stranding Make Believe characters in the ordinary world. Since then, Tess “Red” Little—a/k/a Little Red Riding Hood—has worked as an Enforcer for the Chicago branch of the Fairytale Management Authority. But, consider yourself warned—she’s not just some waif with a basket of goodies. All grown up and with nothing to lose, a gun and combat boots is more her style. And Red’s new assignment threatens to be short on happily ever afters…
Someone is murdering transplanted Tales in gruesome fashion. The list of fictional characters capable of such grisly acts is short and includes more than one of Red’s old flames. And if that wasn’t bad enough, there’s another complication, in the form of sexy, enigmatic Nate Grimm, the FMA’s lead detective and part-time Reaper. Used to following her own rules and living life on the edge, Red has managed to avoid taking on a partner until now. But Nate’s dark side makes him perfect for a case like this. That is, if she can trust him. Because if there’s one thing Red knows for sure, it’s that believing in the wrong person can have big, bad consequences…”
Red is the first book in the new Transplanted Tales series by Kate SeRine.

After a spell went awry some of the characters of Make Believe (Tales) were expelled to the world of Here and Now. After years of living with the Ordinaries (normal people) they have an organized society controlled by the Fairytale Management Authority (FMA).
Tess “Red” Little is one of those Tales. Red is not only a well-known Tale she is also one of the most feared enforcers of the FMA.
When Tales are being murdered is a grisly way Red is call to investigate, but this time she won’t be alone, she will be partnering with Nate “Death” Grimm.
This case is completely different from anything Red has worked before, for once there are only a handful of Tales capable of committing those crimes and from the short list three of them are Red’s old flames, including the first man that broke her heart, the one she hasn’t been able to forget, Seth “Big Bad” Wolf. If that wasn’t enough for her to deal with, there is something weird going on between her and Nate, something she doesn’t want to feel, attraction… or is it love?

After Julie from Yummy Men & Kick Ass Chicks told me how much she loved this book I decided to give it a try, but I have to be honest, I was a little bit skeptical about it, I went into it not knowing what to expect and thinking that Red was going to be another of many common takes on Fairy Tales, but to my great surprise Red is like nothing I had ever read before, ok, it’s a take on Fairy Tales but completely fresh and original.

Tess “Red” Little a.k.a. Little Red Ridding Hood is a great character. She is smart, witty and with a very strong personality. She doesn’t trust easily and prefer to be alone than to experience again another betrayal. We learn the “truth” behind her tale, how she fell in love with Seth “Big Bad” Wolf and what happened after that. We see how his actions affected her life and made her the woman she is nowadays.

Nate “Death” Grimm is the dark, mysterious and sweet Grimm Reaper, don’t take me wrong he can be vicious if needed but usually he is gentle and caring. He is the perfect gentleman the men what to be and women want to do. Nate is a delightful character to read and very easy to like.

From the beginning there is an obvious attraction between Nate and Red. Nate cares deeply for Red and Red fights the attraction every step of the way until there is nothing left for her to do but to accept her feelings. That’s not as easy as you may think, Red’s history has made her wary of men, but Nate is a persistent sweetheart that earns her love by caring for her. *swoon*

The secondary characters in this book are incredible original and multidimensional. You may be asking how are they original if they are the Fairy Tales characters we know since childhood? My answer is they are the same and much more, the way Mrs. SeRine writes them made them new and completely brilliant. I can guarantee you after reading this book you won’t see Snow White with the same eyes and you will never wish for a Prince Charming in your life.
This new world Mrs. SeRine has created has not only Fairy Tales characters, but also expect unexpected characters from legends, literary works, and so much more.

Mrs. SeRine writing is clever, well paced and fluid, and even though I guessed fairly on who was the villain in the story I can honestly say that that didn’t deter my enjoyment of the book.
I recommend Red to anyone who wants to read something fun, fresh and different, especially if you like kickass heroines and swoon worthy heroes.
I’m really looking forward to reading the second installment in this new and ingenious series, The Better to See You (February 2013).

My Verdict: 4 ½ Paws

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  1. I am intrigued, and especially since you went in not really knowing, and then it turned out great :D

  2. I KNEW you would like it! This book really impressed me - as you know. Great review Marcela, as always. :)

  3. aaah you're bad, I want it now! really it sounds so good, I'm very curious to learn more about the book, I'll see how much it costs now lol.

  4. I am reading this this week, glad to know my time won't be wasted.


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