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Friday, August 24, 2012

What happened in NOLA... Stays... Between Us & Giveaway!

*Very, very long post. You have been warned!*

Now that I’m back to the Ottoman Lands or where one day was the Ottoman Lands I finally have the time to do the recap of my Authors After Dark experience.

Let’s start with my first day. I arrived in New Orleans on Tuesday 7th, it was so early that the chickens were still sleeping. I was lucky enough to get a room that early in the morning. After resting for couple of hours I decided to have a late breakfast/early lunch. I went to one of the restaurants of the hotel. While I was waiting for my lunch Stella walked in with some of her girls, or at least that’s who I though they were.
I went to her table and introduced myself (Hi, I'm Marcela, bla, bla, bla). She was super nice, same with the other people in her table. What I noticed while talking to Stella was that Joey W. Hill was sitting next to Stella. OMG! I didn’t fan squee right there because I was trying to play it cool and not scare them. I went back to my table with a smile bigger than the Cheshire cat. But my luck didn’t end there. Caroline, one of Stella’s great helpers (imagine Santa’s Elves in jeans) came to my table and asked me if I was eating alone and invited me to their table and to my astonishment they sat me next to HOLY Freaking Joey W. Hill!!!! For the first couple of minutes I didn’t look towards her side, I was afraid she would disappear if I paid too much attention to her, but after my internal-fan-screaming quiet a bit I was able to talk to her and what a Treat it was, she was Amazing!!! While I was talking to her I was trying not to spill my food or do weird noises while eating, at the same time Julie (Yummy Men & Kick Ass Chicks) was texting me, she was in Toronto waiting for her connection flight to New Orleans. I told her I was having lunch with Stella and that I was sitting next to Joey W. Hill. She “fan squeed” with me.
After lunch I talked to DH, told him “I just had lunch with one of my favorite authors ever”. He asked me if I took pictures… I didn’t… I didn’t want to look like a crazed fan on the first day, even if I was one.

Couple of hours after lunch I met the delightful Jen from Red Hot Books. She is a local and knew her way around. She took me to Pat O’Brians where I had the First hurricane of my trip. I wanted to have a second one but I thought it was important not to be drunk while meeting people for the first time. At least with one hurricane people could still understand what I was saying. 

I wanted to be at the hotel when Julie arrived and all that, she was not only my roommate by we have being eagerly waiting for months to meet. I was waiting for Jen to finish her drink to leave for the hotel when she told me we didn’t have to wait, in New Orleans streets is allowed to drink on the streets! Wow that was something new for me.
When we arrived to the hotel Julie was there with Carolyn Crane. Julie was just how I pictured her, she is the sweetest and cutest girl you can imagine.
If I continue with my detailed description of that first day you’ll start to skim this post, so let’s just say that we met with all the other international attendees, one was from the UK, one from Norway, another one from Spain and a couple of evil sisters that stole my thunder, they came all the way from Australia... They won by couple of thousand miles…
The second day we woke up very early, jet-lag was still kicking my “derrière”. We went for breakfast to the famous Café Du Monde, ok, let me tell you it was as good as all the talk you hear. The coffee was perfect and the beignets were to die for. 

After that we “tried” to take a walk but OMFG it was boiling hot at 8:30 in the freaking morning! I’m not kidding you; I lived for 9 years in Florida and never experience heat like that. After some souvenir shopping we ran to the hotel where cold nice dry A/C welcomed us.
OK, now I think this recount needs to have 2 parts… I’m on my second day and already I have 738 words!
Ok, I have to be honest with you I’m not writing this in Istanbul, I’m writing this on my plane from Miami to London after 2 little bottles of wine. I’m not home yet but finally I have the time to put my experience in words. I’m tempting to do a drunken (in-flight) Vlog like Jen's but I won’t think you will understand my heavy accent, so let's not do it.
Ok, let’s do only one post… where were we… Wednesday 8th… In the afternoon we (Julie & I) meet with Jen (Red Hot Books), Jen (The Book Nympho) and her roommate Sarah and we went to Pat O’Brians… again. By them I was almost calling it my office. We all ordered the famous Hurricane, after some exclamations of how strong it was and some complaints, Jen (RHB) promised us that after couple of sips it will taste as fruit punch, she was right, it was a fruit punch that if you didn’t watch it will kick you on your “derrière”. 

But all was good, we were able to walk back to the hotel and get ready to for the Meet and greet. There we met other bloggers, authors and bla, bla, bla… After that Stella and Joey W. Hill as Mistress of ceremonies officially opened the event. 
After that with Julie and Alisha (@MyNeedToRead) we ventured through the crazy streets of New Orleans. We went to a karaoke place, but weren’t courageous (drunk) enough to get on the stage and sing (even though Alisha knew ALL the songs). We called an early night and went back to the hotel.

Thursday I attended these events:

Light Paranormal with Judy Fennell, Dakota Cassidy, Sydney Ayers, Allison Pang, Skyler White, Adrian Phoenix.

Lunch and Bookie Awards where Julie was one of the presenters.

Odd Paranormals with Jaye Wells, Lia Habel, Nicole Peeler, Theresa Meyers, Mark Henry, Boone Brux.

The Alpha/ Beta of Paranormal Romance and UF with Kelly Meding,
Suzanne Johnson, Diana Rowland, Carolyn Crane, Theresa Meyers, Melanie Card.

Guess the Author by the Sex Scene with PJ Schnyder, Jaye Wells, Nicole Peeler, Mark Henry, Carolyn Crane and Judi Fennell.



That night we (Julie & I) did the fieldtrip with Adrian Phoenix. If you know me you know how much I love her and her series, she was Awesome and her tour was great. She took us through the streets of New Orleans and showed us where events in her The Maker’s Song and Hoodoo series books took place. And it was Great to see the places and picture her characters there!

After that we went to the Jeaniene Frost and Pamela Palmer event, where we got freebies, signed books and cupcakes. 
After that we called a night.

Friday we attended

The Dark humor side of UF with Mark Henry, Carolyn Crane, Erin Kellison, Dakota Cassidy, Jaye Wells, Adrian Phoenix.

Zombies with Lia Habel, Mark Henry, Diana Rowland, Li & De Beaumont.



After lunch we went with Jaye Wells to her field trip to the Garden District, we visit some many beautiful and interesting places as Ann Rice’s houses, the Latiffee cemetery and more. It was very nice, without that field trip I’m sure we wouldn’t have visited that area of the city, a beautiful place worth seeing.

That night was the Saints and Sinners Open Bar with Kris Cook and Mel Schroeder. We had a great time and it was the perfect place to mingle and meet other bloggers an authors.

Loupe, Julie & Jen (Jen Twimom)
That night also was the Echoes Dinner and Masquerade with Joey W. Hill. There were many people in costume, some of them incredibly beautiful and elaborate. We sat with Pip Ballantine & Tee Morris; they were a delightful company.

Julis from Spain
That night Julie called an early night and I continue “the party” with Jen from Red Hot Books, Jen from The Book Nympho, her friend Sarah, Loupe from Hot Listens and Mandy and Tory from Smexy Books. We went to the karaoke place  again but this time we were brave enough to go on the stage, I didn’t sing much, my voice is terrible and didn’t want them to kick us out of the place. We had a great time, it was an experience to remember.

Joey W. Hill
Jeaniene Frost and Carolyn Crane.

Saturday was the book signing where I got to meet the authors I haven’t met before, got my books sign and took some pictures with some of my favorite authors.
That night was the Author’s Pub Crawl, we just went to Pat O’Brians (aka My Office in NOLA) where Amanda Carlson, Stacey Kennedy and Kristen Painter were holding court. That was the night The Pink Unicorn went out in NOLA.

Sunday I left in the morning after having breakfast with Julie and the super kind Kelly Meding.

It was hard to say goodbye to many not knowing when we will meet again, but thanks to Twitter-verse we will continue keeping in touch.

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  1. I've been to a couple anime conventions in the past, but I haven't been to a con in years! I'm hoping to catch some soon, though.

  2. I am so extremely jealous of you, Marcela! Really want to do one of those, but you need a lot of money if you are not in US and to plan a holiday around it. :) I've been to steampunk convention in Lincoln, UK last year and going this one as well, but it's fairly small and has almost non-existent author representation.

  3. Great recap! It was awesome to meet you!

  4. Sadly no con experience for me but based on all of the stuff you did maybe I should make it a goal to go to one!

  5. oh my! i want to attend something like i really want ç_ç so far no i haven't ( but i'm european so without a lot of money ot would be hard because there is nothing like that i my country)

    thank you a lot for the giveaway ( international?)

  6. Awesome post! You are a good drunk
    I'm glad you had a great time!

  7. Evil Australian sisters! ROFL glad to see more pics and inside info on AAD

    1. P.S. haven't been to one of these so I'm so eager to get the scoop and see.pica for future reference

  8. Aw... A drunken in-flight vlog would have been awesome. LOL

    It was very nice to meet and I hope I get to see you again.

  9. I've never attend a CON but my they look like fun!

  10. LOVED it!! It was SO GREAT to meet you and I sincerely hope we can meet up again someday! Wonderful recap!

  11. My first con was this year - RT2012 in Chicago - and I loved it!

  12. OOh I love your post Marcela, so nice to see what you did, like that I was a little with you as well. it sounds so much fun, I'm so glad you had a nice time.

  13. I went to RomCon, was lots of fun. And Bouchercon when it was in STL. Different worlds.

  14. Jealous! I so want to met cool authors and do fun things too! :D

    I have never been to any con :/

  15. This sounds like such a fun event. You got to meet authors and have cupcakes! I've never attended any con but it is one my bucket list.

  16. Loved your recap. And you were the best roommate ever!!! I loved meeting you and I loved hanging out with you. You were exactly like I thought you would be - just super awesome amazing!! And we will meet again - 2015 here we come!!!

  17. Sadly I haven't. I would love to one of these days. They look like so much fun!

  18. I haven't but I really want to. Hopefully next year I'll get to go to one of them. *fingers crossed*


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