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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Covers of the World: Dearly, Departed by Lia Habel

Today's in Covers of the World we have Dearly, Departed.
Dearly, Departed is the first book in the Gone With the Respiration series by Lia Habel. 

1. English US edition & Turkish edition.

2. English UK first edition & English UK second edition.

3. German edition & Portuguese edition.

4. French first edition & French second edition.

I really like the English US, Turkish and French first edition. I think the covers is very beautiful, especially the French one; in that one I like the little frame around the title and name of author. But if I go according to the content of the book my favourite is English UK first edition. 
In my opinion there are not bad covers for this book, the one I could say I like the least is the French second edition, the reason is that it doesn't say much about the book, it portraits it more as if it were a steampunk book instead of a zombie book. 
What do you think about these covers? Which one is your favourite and least favourite of them? 


  1. I like the French first one but I still don't understand why they took another English title. And you're right for the second one.

  2. Eh, they are all pretty lame except the US and UK ones

  3. I only like the the US and Turkish editions, I think the rest are pretty sad.


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