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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Covers Revealed: The Girl with the Iron Touch by Kady Cross - & - Carniepunk by Rachel Caine, Jennifer Estep, Kevin Hearne and Others

The Girl with the Iron Touch
Kady Cross
Steampunk Chronicles Series

"Finley Jayne, Griffin and their crew are stunned when one of their own is kidnapped. Emily has a way with machines—she can literally talk to them. But the automatons who abducted her aren’t ordinary machines. They’re almost human—and they want Emily to do something as horrifying as it seems possible.

To save Emily, Finley must contact the highly unsettling Jack Dandy and face her feelings for two vastly different men, even as Griffin’s nightmares threaten to turn into a reality that might just end them all."

Rachel Caine, Rob Thurman, Seanan McGuire, Jennifer Estep, and Kevin Hearne
Urban Fantasy

"A star-studded urban fantasy anthology featuring bestselling authors Rachel Caine, Rob Thurman, Seanan McGuire, Jennifer Estep, and Kevin Hearne, whose stories explore the creepy, mysterious, and, yes, sometimes magical world of traveling carnivals.

The traveling carnival is a leftover of a bygone era, a curiosity lurking on the outskirts of town. It is a place of contradictions—the bright lights mask the peeling paint; a carnie in greasy overalls slinks away from the direction of the Barker’s seductive call. It is a place of illusion—is that woman’s beard real? How can she live locked in that watery box?

And while many are tricked by sleight of hand, there are hints of something truly magical going on. One must remain alert and learn quickly the unwritten rules of this dark show. To beat the carnival, one had better have either a whole lot of luck or a whole lot of guns—or maybe some magic of one’s own.

Featuring stories grotesque and comical, outrageous and action-packed, Carniepunk is the first anthology to channel the energy and attitude of urban fantasy into the bizarre world of creaking machinery, twisted myths, and vivid new magic."


  1. I can't wait for Carniepunk to come out. Very geeked about this one.

  2. I want to have babies with that last cover of Carniepunk, Marcela! :))) So simple and beautiful. Tony Mauro I heard. Pity I don't really like reading anthologies.
    Also Kady cross is really lucky with all her covers - they are all very beautiful

  3. I am excited for Carnie Punk. That list of authors!!! Wow.


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