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Friday, December 7, 2012

Review: Where Angels Rest by Kate Brady

Title: Where Angels Rest
Author: Kate Brady
Series: Mann Family, book 1
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Publisher: Forever
Source: Review copy from publisher
Format: E-book
For the past decade, psychologist Erin Sims has been helping victims of violent crimes move on with life . . . but the one person she can't save is the one who matters most. In only seven days, her brother will be executed for a murder he didn't commit. Convinced she knows the identity of the real killer, Erin is determined to find the man and bring him to justice.  
Sheriff Nick Mann moved to rural Ohio hoping to forget the tragedies of his past. When Erin shows up in town, bringing scandal and unwanted media attention with her, Nick knows she's trouble. No one believes sleepy Hopewell could harbor a serial killer . . . until residents begin to disappear. Now as Nick untangles the dark secrets plaguing his town, he can't help falling for the beautiful woman with the warm heart and iron will. And, as the days tick by, the truth becomes clear: Erin is hunting a vicious murderer-one whose only escape is to silence her forever.”
Where Angels Rest is the first book in the Mann Family series by Kate Brady.

The above blurb is very explanatory, I won’t add more to it. This is one of those books that are better to discover by yourself.

I haven’t read anything by Kate Brady before nor had I heard anything about this book. Saying that if I’m honest I wasn’t expecting much from this book, maybe an entertaining read and that’s it. Oh boy! How mistaken I was and how glad I was to be mistaken. This book is one of the best suspense/thrillers I have read in this year and maybe in a long time.

From page one I was pulled in into the story and it didn’t let me go until the very end. Do you know those books you said one more chapter, one more chapter, ok, for real last one and I go to bed and you just kept saying that over and over until you realized you finished the book and it’s four in the morning on a weekday? Ok Where Angels Rest is one of those books. It’s been a long time since a book kept me awake until late, and Where Angels Rest did just that.

The way Mrs. Brady writes entangles you and makes you submerge into the story. The characters are multidimensional and realistic and easy to connect with them.

Erin Sims is a great heroine, for years she has fought without respite to prove her brother innocence; this has alienated her from others, and has even labeled her as a not right in the head. She is lonely but she doesn’t care about it, she knows her brother has his days numbered and he has to come first. Despite all this she is strong, smart and very determined.

Nick Mann is a tortured hero; he has a past that doesn’t let him be happy. His wife was assassinated and he feels responsible because he wasn’t there to protect her. After his wife’s death he moved from L.A. to a little town in Ohio looking for peace and tranquility not only for him but also for his daughter, Hannah. Now he lives to protect his Hannah and to keep safe the residents of Hopewell, Ohio. He’s a protector at heart; he is also honest and believes in justice and will do anything in his hands to fight for the truth.

The plot is not only fast-paced but also intriguing and entertaining with a good dose of suspense, one that kept me glued page after page until the very end. Even though I had my suspicions about the whodunit there were some twists and turns in the story that made me doubt my guess more than once. I liked that very much, I like when an author keeps me guessing and wondering and Mrs. Brady did just that.

The romance in the story is not the main focus, it is obvious there is an attraction between Erin and Nick but it doesn’t take center stage, it’s just there to complement and to add more tension to the story. I also liked that Erin and Nick are mature, they are in the middle years so they know what they want and need. There is no angst or games, they just want to be together and they are. I really liked that for a change.

We also meet Nick’s brother Luke and his sister Alayna. I really liked Luke and I’m glad next book in the series will be his book, Twice Dead (2013). Even though we only see Erin’s brother, Justin, through Erin’s thoughts his presence was very strong in the story. I would really love to see more of him in future books, after everything he has suffered I really hope he gets a really nice HEA, he deserves it.

Where Angels Rest was my first book by Kate Brady but I guarantee you it won’t be my last. If you like romantic suspense this book is for you. Read it, I guarantee you you won’t be disappointed. 

My Verdict: 4 ½ Paws

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    Great work, as always!

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