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Monday, March 11, 2013

Early Review: Highlander Most Wanted by Maya Banks

Title: Highlander Most Wanted
Author: Maya Banks
Series: The Montgomerys and Armstrongs,
book 2
Genre: Historical Romance
Publisher: Ballantine Books (March 19th)
Source: Review copy from publisher
Format: E-book
*Warning: This review contains spoilers from first book in the series*
“Genevieve McInnes is locked behind the fortified walls of McHugh Keep, captive of a cruel laird who takes great pleasure in ruining her for any other man. Yet when Bowen Montgomery storms the gates on a mission of clan warfare, Genevieve finds that her spirit is bent but not broken. Still, her path toward freedom remains uncertain. Unable to bear the shame of returning to a family that believes her dead or to abandon others at the keep to an imposing new laird, Genevieve opts for the peaceful life of an abbess. But Bowen’s rugged sensuality stirs something deep inside her that longs to be awakened by his patient, gentle caress—something warm, wicked, and tempting.   Bowen seizes his enemy’s keep, unprepared for the brooding and reclusive woman who captures his heart. He’s enchanted by her fierce determination, her unusual beauty, and her quiet, unfailing strength. But wooing her will take more than a seasoned seducer’s skill. For loving Genevieve, he discovers, means giving her back the freedom that was stolen from her—even if it means losing her forever.”
Highlander Most Wanted is the second book in The Montgomerys and Armstrongs series by Maya Banks.

It’s going to be impossible to write this review without spoilers of Never Seduce A Scot. I’m going to try my best to give as little as possible away, so bear with me if I’m a bit obscure at times.

Highlander Most Wanted starts right after the events in Never Seduce A Scot. After learning of Patrick McHugh’s involvement in Eveline’s “situation”, Bowen Montgomery along his brother Teague, and Eveline’s brothers, Aiden and Brodie Armstrong are riding to the McHugh Keep, their objective is to kill Patrick and take the Keep. When they arrive to the Keep they find the doors open and no resistance. Patrick McHugh has fled taking his warriors and everything of value with them, leaving the women, the children and the elder behind.
Brodie can’t believe Patrick and the McHughs cowardice; especially when the person pleading for their safety is Genevieve, a woman who not only doesn’t belong to their clan, but it’s also despised by them.
After suffering for over a year all kind of abuses under Ian McHugh’s hands and his clan mates Genevieve finally believes she can have some hope again. She knows that after the abuse and disfigured she suffered she can’t go back to her clan, the McInnes. She will be a disgrace to her family and her clan mates and that’s the last thing she wants. She decides the best she can hope is for a quiet and peaceful life in an abbess.
Brodie is taken aback by Genevieve’s beauty until she turns her face and he sees her maimed side, now he’s curious to know her story and the reason why she’s in the McHugh Keep when it’s pretty obvious everybody hates her. The McHughs call Genevieve Ian’s whore, but after knowing her a little Brodie knows there is a bigger story behind this intriguing and strong woman, a woman who awakens protective instincts he didn’t know he had. But to win her heart and her trust he will have to set her free to heal thus return to him a whole woman again.

Usually in the books I read the heroes are the tortured ones, but in Mrs. Banks The Montgomerys and Armstrongs series her heroines are the ones with a difficult past. I really liked this for a change; they need strong and caring heroes by their sides to heal what they have suffered under others hands. That was the case with Genevieve, she suffered for months terrible emotional and physical abuse under Ian’s hands, he tried to break her but her spirit was stronger than his ill intentions. She is a survivor and a fighter who made a hard decision to save her life.

Bowen is a delightful hero; he’s caring, smart and strong even though he was a little bit headstrong at times. Sometimes there were things in front of him that he did see or didn’t want to see, but in the end he did what he must although it hurt him a lot; I loved him more for it.

Their romance was well paced and believable; they didn’t rush things but when along with their feelings and what was happening around them. The sexy times sizzle the pages and left you with a smile in your face.

We also see all character we love from Never Seduce A Scot and how their lives have changed. I really loved to see how the relationship between the Montgomerys and Armstrongs has grown and how they trust each other more. I really love the camaraderie between Bowen, Teague, and Eveline’s brothers, Aiden and Brodie Armstrong.
In Highlander Most Wanted we met Taliesan McHugh, Talie was the only McHugh that treated Genevieve with kindness and love. There is also a story behind Talie, one I hope to discovered in the next installment of this series, Highland Ever After.

In Highlander Most Wanted Mrs. Banks created another amazing Highlander story, with compelling characters and enough drama and tension to make it a fast read impossible to put down. Highlander Most Wanted is a book about hope, strength and the power of love. If you love Highlanders this book and this series is a must read for you.
As I said before this book starts right after the events in Never Seduce A Scot, for that reason I recommend you to read Never Seduce A Scot before reading Highlander Most Wanted. Both books are great, trust me, I’m sure you are going to love them. 
I’m eagerly looking forward to Talie and Brodie Armstrong’s story, Highland Ever After.

My Verdict: 4 ½ Stars

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  1. LOVE this cover! I don't often read historicals but I've heard nothing but good things about Maya's. I must try them someday. :)


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