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Friday, March 8, 2013

Review: Night Blade by J.C. Daniels

Title: Night Blade
Author: J.C. Daniels
Series: Colbana Files, book 2
Genre: Urban Fantasy
PublisherShiloh Walker
Source: Review copy from publisher
Format: E-book
*Warning: This book contains spoilers from previous book in the series*
“Kit Colbana is always biting off more than she can chew. She has a knack for finding trouble. This time, though, trouble finds her. Someone from her past drops a case into her lap that she just can’t refuse…literally.

People on the Council are dying left and right and she’s been requested to investigate the deaths. The number one suspect? Her lover, Damon. If she doesn’t clear his name, he gets a death sentence. Even if she succeeds? They still might try to execute him. Oh, and she’s not allowed to tell him about the case, either.

The stakes are high this time around, higher than they’ve ever been. Kit may be forced to pay the ultimate price to save her lover’s life…a price that could destroy her and everything she loves.”
Night Blade is the second book in the Colbana Files series by J.C. Daniels.

Night Blade starts couple of weeks after the events in Blade Song (first book). Kit and Damon are enjoying their new life as a couple. While Kit is back at work in her detective firm Damon is dealing with the aftermath of becoming the new Alpha of the Cats. He is cleaning house and getting things in order.
Kit’s status as Damon’s mate is no publicly known; they are trying to keep it under wraps at least until Damon gets complete control of his clan. Despite their precautions there have been rumors and is affecting Kit’s job. People are afraid of hiring her because they don’t want to risk repercussions with the Cat Clan if something happens to her while working for them. This doesn’t go well with Kit who has been an independent woman for many years. To add to that Damon is in full Alpha-possessive mode with her, he’s trying, but it’s very difficult for him to know her job is risky and he can’t be with her all the time to protect her.
Things change drastically when Kit’s ex, Justin, whom is also a witch and a Banner cop, approaches Kit. He has a job for her, a job she can’t refuse. Five Assembly members have been killed and everything points to Damon’s direction as the culprit. If Kit cannot find sufficient proof that Damon is not behind the deaths or evidence that justify the killings, an extermination squad is going to be sent after Damon to eliminate him. To complicate things the case not only has a very short deadline, but also Justin places a binding spell on Kit that doesn’t allow her to talk about the case with anybody.
Kit is desperate to find proof to save Damon’s life; she is busier than ever and Damon wants to know what she is up to, but thanks to the binding spell she can’t say nothing to him, this doesn’t sit well with him, and her working with her ex doesn’t help, bringing out Damon’s jealous side to the light.
When Kit thinks she has done everything she could for Damon and is ready to step aside, a person from her past comes back to her life to change her life forever.

Couple of days ago J.C. Daniels wrote on her blog:
“I’ve been told this book requires chocolate and wine and kleenex. I should have included that as a warning.
I’m also told it’s worth it, though.”

Oh yes, it was completely worth it and yes, have the chocolate, wine and kleenex ready because OMG! You are going to need them. This book was heart wrenching! I know I have say that about some books before but I think this one won the prize for Heart Wrenching Book of the year.

Everything was going well on the beginning, I knew Kit was going to have problems with Damon because of the “communication limitations” Justin placed on her, but I NEVER expected what happened in the last quarter of the book. Mrs. Daniels took a big risk, a risk that despite gutting me and leaving me heartbroken I think it was brilliantly done.

Thanks to Kit’s nightmares and recollections we know she suffered from all kind of abuses while she was under the “care” of her grandmother and aunts, but we also know that as much as they tried they couldn’t’ break her. Even though she deals with some kind to PTSD she is a strong and a very determined woman. She knows as a half-blooded (Half human/half Aneira) she has some limitations, but that doesn’t deter her to fight for the people she cares or for what she thinks is right. She has come a long way and still has a lot to learn, but I’m afraid about the repercussions the events in this book will have on her psyche, it was just too much for poor Kit. *cries*

My heart also broke for Damon, he’s doing his best but he can’t denied what he is or go against his nature; he’s an Alpha male and his need to protect his mate makes him sometimes difficult to deal with, it also makes him take decisions that he could regret later on.

In Night Blade we see some characters from first book like Doyle. I really didn’t like nor trusted him on the beginning, but at the end he came true for Kit and did something that made me love him some and understand him more.

I won’t say much about the villain on this book because I don’t want to give too much away, I will only say that I hate him with all my heart for the things he did; wishing him a slow and painful death is not enough to satisfy the blood thirst I feel for him, yes, he is that evil.

Night Blade was an excellent book, one that made me experience all manner of feelings, from happiness and well being to extreme sadness and anguish. I can honestly say that reading Night Blade was an unique experience, one I loved from beginning to end and left me dying for more.

I recommend this book and this series to all urban fantasy fans. Trust me, I'm sure you are going to love it as much as I did.

My Verdict: 5 Paws

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  1. EXCELLENT review! Spot on, and I agree 100%... plus you are much more articulate than I am!

  2. LOVE!! Great review. You added gifs. :) This book requires gifs.

  3. Thank you for the review... (and my inner giggly person says thank you for the GIFs.... they make me so happy)

  4. I am about 30% into book one. I just can't seem to feel as passionate about it as you *cries* I am glad you enjoyed book two. Sounds like it was a roller-coaster read. Great review :)


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