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Monday, May 27, 2013

Review: The Temporary Wife by Jeannie Moon

Title: The Temporary Wife
Author: Jeannie Moon
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: InterMix
Source: Review copy from publisher
Format: E-book
“It was an offer she couldn’t refuse…from a man she couldn’t resist. 

Kindergarten teacher Megan Rossi is devoted to being a mother to her best friend’s five-year-old daughter, Molly. When the child was orphaned, Meg became the little girl’s legally named guardian—over the objections of Molly’s wealthy grandparents, the Campbells. Now the Campbells are petitioning for custody, and Meg is faced with a long and expensive legal battle. The last thing she expects is for her former high school boyfriend—and the Campbells’ estranged son—to offer a solution: marriage. 

Billionaire software developer Jason Campbell knows his parents don’t have Molly’s best interests at heart—it’s all about control for them. There is one way he can ensure that his sister’s last wishes are honored. He will offer Meg the protection of his name and lawyers until the custody arrangement has been finalized , then he’ll secure his niece’s future with a very generous divorce settlement. Jason’s considered all the scenarios, except one—that the sparks that once flew between he and Meg might reignite a burning passion. And that his confirmed bachelor heart might just melt away from the heat…” 
The Temporary Wife is the debut novel of Jeannie Moon.

The blurb explains pretty well what this book is about, I won’t add more to it.

Megan Rossi is an all heart character; she loves deeply what she does and those whom she cares about.
After many years Megan still hasn’t been able to forget her first love, the one that broke her heart, Jason Campbell, her love interest in the story. Now they have married to protect Molly, the daughter of her best friend (Jason’s sister). A marriage from convenience that becomes more with time.

Jason is a man focused on his job and with no expectations of love, marriage or a family. He asks Megan to marry him because it’s the only feasible way he sees to protect Molly and Megan from his not very nurturing parents.
I had some problems with Jason; my biggest problem was that he didn’t give Megan her place and let people walk over her without any consequence. Just with that he lost many points with me. On the beginning he was also ashamed of her because she was just a “simple kindergarten teacher”… really? At the end he came around but it was a little too late.

Molly is supposed to be five years old but sometimes her behavior was of a child older than her age. I don’t mean she was mature for her age but more that it was a problem of characterization.

From the other secondary characters one that stands out is Jason’s assistant, Harper or Harpy as Megan calls her. Harper was mean and abusive towards Megan and Jason allowed it. I really didn’t like her one bit. I was completely flabbergasted with her drastic change at the end. It was so much that it didn’t feel realistic, it felt more as if she had multiple personalities than a believable change.

The other characters felt flat and underdeveloped. I wish Mrs. Moon would have develop them more because they could have been interesting.

The plot is one used many times before, marriage for convenience to protect a child. That was not a problem because still The Temporary Wife was an entertaining read, one about second chances.

The biggest problems I had with The Temporary Wife were the use of clichés and many overused formulas. (Spoiler ahead) Mrs. Moon threw “the car accident” formula from nowhere just to add drama and justify the moment when Jason realizes he was in love and couldn't live without the Megan. It was never explain why Megan left the house or where she was going when the accident happened. Just a distraught woman getting into an accident and hero realizing he could have lost her and wanted her in his life for ever and ever…. Blah! (End of spoiler)

Another problem I had with The Temporary Wife was that scenes that should have been developed more weren't. For example, something big was going to happen in a place, the characters arrived at the place and the next scene it has already happened and they just talked about it.

The Temporary Wife was a fun and entertaining read with some flaws that at sometimes were a bit difficult to overlook.
Despite my problems with The Temporary Wife I think Mrs. Moon is a talented writer and I wouldn't hesitate to read further books by her.

My Verdict: 3 Paws

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  1. Lol, yes that is an old cliche (the spoiler ;)


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