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Friday, May 3, 2013

Review: Wind Chime Point by Sherryl Woods

Title: Wind Chime Point
Author: Sherryl Woods
Series: Ocean Breeze, book
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: MIRA Books
Source: Review copy from publisher
Format: E-book
“Facing a personal crisis, ambitious and driven Gabriella Castle retreats to the welcoming arms of her family. Everything she’s worked for has been yanked out from under her, and she seeks the serenity of her grandmother’s home on the North Carolina coast. With difficult decisions to make about her future, the last thing she wants is an unexpected love.  
Wade Johnson fell for Gabi the first time he saw her. It’s not the only time he’s found himself in the role of knight in shining armor, but Gabi isn’t looking for a rescuer. To get her to stay, Wade will need a whole lot of patience and gentle persuasion…and maybe the soothing sound of wind chimes on a summer breeze.”
Wind Chime Point is the second book in the Ocean Breeze series by Sherryl Woods.

After being a workaholic for almost all her adult life Gabriella “Gabi” Castle finds herself unemployed, pregnant and with the baby daddy out of the picture. Life has turned upside down for her and now she needs to reevaluate her life and her priorities; with this in mind Gaby leaves her home in Raleigh behind and temporally moves in with her grandmother in Sand Castle Bay.
Gaby knows she needs to make a decision about her life and that of her child, but all the changes in her life were so sudden that she doesn’t know where to start.
Since the first moment he saw Gaby Wade Johnson has liked her (first book, Sand Castle Bay). Wade has followed Gaby’s life from afar, always asking Gaby’s grandmother about her. Now Gaby is back in Sand Castle Bay, alone and in need of a friend; seizing that opportunity Wade approaches Gaby and is there for her every time she needs somebody to talk to or simply somebody to spend sometime with.
Gaby thinks that the last thing she needs in her life at the time is romance, but slowly Wade not only gains her trust and friendship but also her heart.

After reading Sand Castle Bay I was looking forward to Gaby and Wade’s story in Wind Chime Point. I really wanted to see how they were going to overcome all their obstacles. What I wasn’t expecting was Wade’s backstory. Wade is a widower; his wife was pregnant and died in an accident. Actually I think I would have enjoyed Wind Chime Point a little bit more if he didn’t have the past he had because the wife and Gaby’s stories were so similar that here and there it felt as if he was replacing his wife with Gaby. Don’t take me wrong, he had feelings for Gaby and since the beginning he knew he wanted her and did everything in his power to get her, but as I said the stories were so similar that it made me wonder.
Another thing I had some issues with it was that sometimes it felt as if Wade was the one doing all the work in the relationship and Gaby was just cruising along. I know Gaby was a little bit lost in her life but at times it was a little too much. At the end luckily she got a lot better and redeemed herself.

One thing I really liked about Wind Chime Point is that we get to see the characters we met in Sand Castle Bay; we see them where they are and what is going on with their lives. Gaby’s younger sister, Emily is planning her wedding to Boone. Their older sister, Samantha (Sam) is trying to succeed in New York, but her acting career is in decline, she needs to find a way to revive it or leave it behind. Next book in the series, Sea Glass Island, will be her book.
We also see how their grandmother, Cora Jane, is doing and how much she enjoys meddling with her granddaughter’s lives.

Even though I had some problems with Wind Chime Point I can honestly say that I enjoyed reading it and liked it a bit more than Sand Castle Bay. Wind Chime Point is a perfect beach read or for those days when you need a sweet book, one that will leave you feeling good at the end.
I recommend you to read Sand Castle Bay first, but it’s not necessary, Wind Chime Point can also be read as a stand-alone.
I’m looking forward to May 28th to the release of Sea Glass Island.

My Verdict: 4 Paws

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