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Friday, July 26, 2013

Early Review: Midnight Frost by Jennifer Estep

Title: Midnight Frost
Author: Jennifer Estep
Series: Mythos Academy, book 5
Genre: YA
Publisher: Kensington Teen (July 30th)
Source: Review copy from publisher
Format: E-book
“Here we go again … 

Just when it seems life at Mythos Academy can’t get any more dangerous, the Reapers of Chaos manage to prove me wrong. It was just a typical night at the Library of Antiquities — until a Reaper tried to poison me. The good news is I’m still alive and kicking. The bad news is the Reaper poisoned someone else instead.

As Nike’s Champion, everyone expects me to lead the charge against the Reapers, even though I’m still hurting over what happened with Spartan warrior Logan Quinn. I’ve got to get my hands on the antidote fast — otherwise, an innocent person will die. But the only known cure is hidden in some creepy ruins — and the Reapers are sure to be waiting for me there…”
Midnight Frost is the fifth book in the Mythos Academy series by Jennifer Estep.

Gwen is dealing with the aftermath of what happened in Crimson Frost and pretending to be ok in front of others, when in reality she is suffering from severe nightmares and missing Logan dearly. Still, Gwen is continuing with her routine of fighting techniques practice, studying, and working in the library.
Now it’s publicly known that she is Nike’s champion and that she saved the day during the events that happened in Crimson Frost (previous book). This not only has changed the people’s opinion of her it also has made the Reapers try harder to get rid of her. In one attempt they try to poison Gwen but somebody else ingested the poison by mistake. Now Gwen and her friends (minus Logan) need to find the antidote to the poison before it’s too late.
Gwen and friends know it’s a Reaper’s trap because the flower to produce the antidote only blossoms at midnight in the Eir's ruins in the Colorado Mountains. With that in mind they go to the Colorado branch of Mythos Academy and from there they leave to the Eir's ruins where more than Reapers awaits for them.

One thing I liked about this book was that Gwen has grown a lot since first book and we see this very clearly in this installment. She also went from the girl everybody teased and some even hate to the girl everyone is looking up to; now she has almost a celebrity status, everybody knows who she is and what she has done. I liked that despite that Gwen is still the same sweet and caring girl we have learned to love.
I also liked that despite being sad and almost dealing with PTSD Gwen knew she had to be strong for her friends if they wanted to be able to accomplish what was needed of them.

I really missed Logan in this installment; I think his lack of page time change the tone of the book a little bit.
Gwen’s friends are still as delightful to read as in previous books. It’s pretty obvious they love each other and will go the extra mile to protect one another.
In Midnight Frost we are introduce to a new character, Rory. Rory is a student at the Mythos Academy in Colorado and a girl that brought a lot to the story, I can’t say more about her without giving spoilers away, let’s just say that I really hope to see more of her in future books.
Another thing I really liked about this installment is that we also learned more about Gwen’s father and some other family secrets.  What secrets are you asking? You need to read this book to discover them by yourself.

The new setting in Midnight Frost made things more interesting. The Colorado Mountains and the Eir's ruins made a nice change in the scenery.

The only thing I can say that it bother me a little bit about this book was that when Gwen is confronting Vivian and the Reapers they do too much talking before the fight, it made the whole scene feel illogical or unrealistic. Another thing that also relates to this is that Vivian always escapes the same way, via Roc. I think by now Gwen should have already a plan to counteract her escape if Vivian always escapes the same way.

Midnight Frost was a nice addition to the series and one I recommend to read to fans of this series. Midnight Frost is not the book to start this series: if you haven’t read this series you should start with Touch of Frost (first book).

I’m looking forward to next installment of this series, Killer Frost (February 25th, 2014).

My Verdict: 4 Paws

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  1. I can't remember if I've ever heard of this series before...I'm not really sure. I know that several people love Jennifer Estep's work and I'm glad that you enjoyed this installment in the series. Sounds like a fun read with a character that is growing and maturing, and it's always nice to see our favorite characters in a different environment! Gives us a different background to imagine and keeps things fresh. :-)

  2. They do continue to sound good :) I have the worst luck with series

  3. Hmm I had not thought about the 'Vivian talking and roc' thing but now that you mention're right! Damn. Now I will think about that when I read the next book. *sigh* ;)


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