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Friday, July 19, 2013

Review: The Heiress Effect by Courtney Milan

Title: The Heiress Effect
Author: Courtney Milan
Series: Brother Sinister, book 2
Genre: Historical Romance
Publisher: Courtney Milan
Source: Review copy from publisher
Format: E-book
“Miss Jane Fairfield can’t do anything right. When she’s in company, she always says the wrong thing—and rather too much of it. No matter how costly they are, her gowns fall on the unfortunate side of fashion. Even her immense dowry can’t save her from being an object of derision.

And that’s precisely what she wants. She’ll do anything, even risk humiliation, if it means she can stay unmarried and keep her sister safe.

Mr. Oliver Marshall has to do everything right. He’s the bastard son of a duke, raised in humble circumstances—and he intends to give voice and power to the common people. If he makes one false step, he’ll never get the chance to accomplish anything. He doesn’t need to come to the rescue of the wrong woman. He certainly doesn’t need to fall in love with her. But there’s something about the lovely, courageous Jane that he can’t resist…even though it could mean the ruin of them both.”
The Heiress Effect is the second book in the Brothers Sinister series by Courtney Milan.

Jane Fairfield is known as the Feather Heiress, a nickname she has worked hard to obtain and maintain. Having one hundred thousand pounds of dowry doesn’t help her when she needs to stay single for over a year. Jane lives with her uncle Titus and her sister Emily; Emily suffers from a mild convulsive disorder and Titus whom is Emily’s guardian not only over protects Emily but also brings all kind of charlatans to “help” Emily with her illness. Jane tries to protect Emily as much as possible and for that reason is that Jane can’t marry and leave her alone, at least until Emily comes of age and can move out of her guardian’s house.

Oliver Marshall has fought to be where he is, not an easy task for the bastard son of a Duke with a humble upbringing. Oliver has his sights on a political career and hopes to be Prime Minister one day. To obtain his plans he needs the perfect wife to help him with his ambitions.

When Oliver met Jane and saw how society made a joke of her it brought back all the memories of his years back at Eton and Cambridge. He wanted to dislike her for allowing people to ridiculing her, but he couldn’t because he saw behind the costume and realized she did everything with a motive, every garish dress, every out of place remark, and every insulting comment serve a purpose for her, of that he was more than sure.

After spending time with Jane Oliver couldn’t help it but like her and find her attractive in a very unique and refreshing way, but the last thing Oliver needs is a woman like Jane.

Jane thought Oliver will be like the others, but to her great surprise he’s not; in him she has found a friend she can rely on. That she’s attracted to him only make things more difficult, especially when the last thing she needs is a husband and because she knows that she’s exactly the opposite of what Oliver is looking for in a wife.

I really loved Jane, I loved how her love for her sister didn’t have any limits and she didn’t care about being hurt if she could protect her. Jane knows she’s not perfect, she didn’t have any lessons in how to be a Lady and uses that to her advantage. She may not have good manners but she’s very smart, strong and determined, all these make of her the perfect heroine.

Oliver is the son of Serena and Hugo Marshall (The Governess Affair – prequel to the series). All his life he has known he is the bastard of a duke, the man that raped his mother. Lucky for him he has had Hugo in his life who has raised him as his own son. Sometime along the way Oliver has lost of track of what is really important in life and has become somebody he despise.
I was really happy when Oliver opened his eyes and realized what was important in life. I loved what he did to show Jane that he accepted her as she was. That one was one of my favorite scenes in this book.

You know you are going to get a HEA when you read a historical romance, but with Mrs. Milan’s books you never know how H/h are going to get there and that’s why made of this book such a pleasure to read. It was a joy to witness the journey of discovery that Oliver and Jane have to take to get there. But that is not all, Mrs. Milan also gives us a side story involving Jane’s sister Emily. I love Emily’s little story as much as I loved Jane and Oliver’s. I won’t say much not to give spoilers away, you need to read The Heiress Effect to discover it for yourself.

We also see more of Oliver’s cousin Sebastian Malheur and Violet Waterfield, the widowed Countess of Cambury. It’s implied that something is going on between them but we don’t know what. We won’t have to wait long because their story is coming up next in The Countess Conspiracy.

In this installment we also meet Oliver’s sister Frederica (Free) Marshal. Free is smart, strong and mature beyond her years and she wants something different for her life. Free is a very interesting character one I can’t wait to learn more about. Her book will be the last in the series, The Mistress Rebellion.

I love Courtney Milan books and The Heiress Effect was not an exception. If you are a fan of historical romance this book is for you.
The Heiress Effect can be read as a stand-alone but I recommend you to read previous book and prequel first, they are as good as this one.

My Verdict: 4 ½ Paws

Other books in the series
The Governess Affair (prequel)
The Duchess War
A Kiss For Midwinter (novella)
The Heiress Effect
The Countess Conspiracy (December 6th, 2013)
The Mistress Rebellion (2014)

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  1. That many already? And I have only read one in this series

  2. Great review Marcela! :-) This author sounds like a fun read. I always enjoy the story to how the H/h end up getting together, it's hard to really get into books when you already know how the love is going to develop. I'm going to have to check this series out one day!


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