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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Review, Author Guest Post & Giveaway: Vengeance Borne by Amanda Bonilla

Title: Vengeance Borne
Author: Amanda Bonilla
Series: Sentry of Evil, book 1
Genre: Urban Fanyasy
Publisher: NYLA
Source: Review copy from author
Format: E-book
Fated to Hunt…

As the local hunter, and a ward of the Sentry, a secret organization dedicated to eradicating the forces of evil, Jacquelyn has been protecting the small town of McCall, Idaho for the past five years. The hours are horrible, the pay is nonexistent, she has to work with her jealous ex-boyfriend – and forget about quitting. She’s in for life.

Destined to See…

When a rugged drifter comes through town, Jacquelyn immediately knows what he is – an Empath who can read emotions and sense what others are thinking – even though it’s clear the handsome stranger has no idea what, or how powerful, he is…

A Town in Peril…

When people in McCall start turning up dead, viciously ripped to shreds as if by a wild animal, Jacquelyn knows better. Furies are loose in Idaho and hell-bent on exacting revenge. But against whom? And for what purpose? Jacquelyn has until the full moon to stop the Furies’ killing spree and save the people of McCall, figure out how to work with her ex – oh, and there’s a handsome stranger in town who’s in desperate need of some schooling…”
Vengeance Borne is the first book in the new Sentry of Evil series by Amanda Bonilla.

Since she can remember Jacquelyn (Jax) has only known as life as a Waerd, she doesn’t remember her parents or where she came from, she only knows she was raised and trained to be a Waerd, a Hunter of supernatural creatures.
After a mission went wrong Jax was sanctioned and sent to the little town of McCall in Idaho as a penalty.
Jax has come to love McCall and almost all of its inhabitants. Her five years as the little town’s Waerd have been almost uneventful; the most action she had seen had been next to her assigned Bearer and ex-boyfriend, Finn.
Waerds and Bearers work along side; Bearers make Waerds jobs possible, they are not only empaths but they can also heal the Waerds, something that comes very handy when your jobs is to hunt, banish or kill the evil creatures that walk the night.

Things used to be good between Jax and Finn, until Jax realized Finn was using his empathic abilities on her more and more each day, it got to a point where Jax didn’t know if what she was feeling was real or it was what Finn wanted her to feel. Since she break up Finn has changed, he’s desperate to get her back and doing things he shouldn’t be doing.

From an early age Micah has suffered from visions and other strange phenomena. He has tried everything to stop what he thinks is a curse, but only on prescription pills he has found the peace and quiet he so longs for.
Wanting a change in his life, Micah sells everything he owns, buys an RV and starts to drive without a fixed course. When he stops to refuel in a little town he runs into a woman (Jax) that strangely he not only feels he knows her but he has also dreamed about. He can’t wait to know more about her and decides to stay couple of days in McCall.

Jax life is in a turmoil, she’s not only dealing with Finn and his obsessive behavior, she is also investigating some gruesome murders that are happening all around town, if that wasn’t enough a very strong Bearer has come to town, the only problem is that he (Micah) doesn’t know what he is. Feeling kind of responsible for Micah Jax asks her supervisor and mentor, Trish, for help. As a strong Bearer Trish is the best person to help and guide Micah, something that doesn’t sit well with Finn.

Since the moment I heard Amanda Bonilla was writing a new series I was eagerly waiting for the release of this, its first book. I’m happy to say that Mrs. Bonilla didn’t disappoint me, Vengeance Borne is everything I was expecting it to be and more.

In her Shaede Assassin series Mrs. Bonilla shows us she is a master at writing kick ass heroines and Vengeance Borne is not the exception.
Jax is everything you expect from an urban fantasy heroine and more; she is strong, smart, funny and loyal to those she cares about. She may not love her job most of the days, but she knows she has to do it, not for her, but to protect those that cannot protect themselves.
Being a Waerd is not an easy job; first, it’s a lifetime commitment with no way out, one in which she is always in danger of injury or worse, and if that wasn’t enough the long unremunerated hours are sure to take a toll on her, especially when she has to have a normal job to support herself.
Jax doesn’t know anything about her past or where she came from, she only knows the Sentry (Organization that controls the Waerds and Bearers) and her life as a Waerd. Mrs. Bonilla gives us some hints that there is more about Jax we don’t know. There is a story about her past that I’m dying to discover.
I really liked Micah, he’s not your normal hero, he’s dealing with some serious issues and has a long way to go now that he has discovered he’s a Bearer. He may not be perfect but it’s easy to see that he has a good heart and has the best intentions, sometimes that count more than actions. I know there is a bigger story about him too and I can’t wait to see what Mrs. Bonilla has planned for him.

There is an instant attraction between Micah and Jax, but that is usually expected from Waerds and Bearers. Jax just came out of a relationship and the last thing she wants is to jump in another man’s arms, but sometimes what you want and what life wants are completely different things.

I’m on the fence about Finn; he did some reprehensive things that made me dislike him, but at the same time I know that he did what he did because of love and love sometimes makes us do crazy things. He was desperate to get Jax back but sadly the way he went was disgraceful and completely wrong.

In Vengeance Borne Mrs. Bonilla gives us a creepy villain and gruesome murders scenes that are so vivid and realistic you are almost guarantee to have nightmares about.
Vengeance Borne is a fast paced book, with a strong world building, multilayer characters and a story with so many twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Vengeance Borne is a must read for urban fantasy lovers and one I can’t recommend enough.

I’m eagerly looking forward to 2014 to the release of next to book in the series. I can’t wait to see what Mrs. Bonilla has in store for Jax, Micah, Trish and the rest of the amazing cast.

My Verdict: 4 ½ Stars

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Where to find Amanda:

Please help me welcome Amanda Bonilla to my blog. Today she is sharing with us a very entertaining and personal post; she’s interviewing her daughter, Jacquelyn, who was the inspiration for the main character of Sentry of Evil series, Jacquelyn (Jax).

Mrs. Bonilla is also giving away a digital copy of Vengeance Borne to one lucky reader. To participate you just need to fill up the Rafflecopter form below.

Jacquelyn Interview

Not many people know this, but my own daughter, Jacquelyn, was the inspiration for Jax’s character. I started Vengeance Borne four or so years ago when she was a senior in high school. (I know what you’re going to say: You can’t possibly have a daughter that old! True. But I do. I was a young mom but that’s a subject for another blog post.) Needless to say, she had the perfect attitude at the time to fit the bill of a tough-acting, snarky heroine. Aside from Jax’s green eyes, I wrote her to look almost exactly my Jacquelyn. So I thought I’d ask the real life inspiration behind Jax’s character just how she felt about her own mother using her for the sake of fiction.   ;-)

Besides your physical appearance, how much are you like Jax in VENGEANCE BORNE?

-- Our personality traits are definitely similar!  We have the same temper along with the matching fiery passion which is a good and bad characteristic at the same time. It gets me into trouble sometimes.  :)

Jax has pretty good aim. She’s had extensive firearms training since childhood. How do you measure up in the sharpshooting department?

- - I sure haven’t had extensive training with firearms, but I am a decent shot with a handgun and small shotgun!  I don't get to do it often but going to shoot is very exhilarating.  I'm sure target shooting isn’t as exciting as shooting creatures in battle, though.  ;-)

How do you feel about being the inspiration for Jax’s character?

-- Very honored! Though we share some traits, we’re not exactly the same so I don’t feel like I’m reading about myself or anything. But it's fun to know I am the inspiration for a main character in the story. I am quite the complex character myself so it's great to see how my similar personality plays out in certain situations in the book. 

If you could have any supernatural ability, what would it be?

-- This is a tough one.  Though most of the time I am inclined to say flying, in this particular situation I would want to have the ability to heal.

And last but not least…Finn or Micah?

-- MICAH!! haha

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  1. what an interesting interview! I didn't know that and it was fascinating to know the inspiration. I loved the book too and I can't wait for more.

  2. This sounds like a great start to a new urban fantacy series. Wonderful review Marcela! I also think it's amazing that the author used her daughter as the inspiration for Jax, and what a high compliment to her daughter. :-)I love the interview and it seems like the author and her daughter have a very good relationship. :-D

  3. My brain is dead today....had I read anything by her? Ehhh

  4. Yup... I love her shades series...

  5. Love this post! What a great idea! And Amanda, your daughter is beautiful! :)


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