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Friday, November 29, 2013

Review: Wake to Darkness by Maggie Shayne

Title: Wake to Darkness
Author: Maggie Shayne
Series: Brown and De Luca, book 2
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Publisher: MIRA Books
Source: Review copy from publisher
Format: E-book
“Stranded with a murderer...

Rachel de Luca's uncanny sense of perception is the key to her success as a self-help celebrity. Even before she regained her sight, she had a gift for seeing people's most carefully hidden secrets. But the secret she shares with Detective Mason Brown is one she has promised to keep. As for Mason, he sees Rachel more clearly than she'd like to admit.

After a single night of adrenaline-fueled passion, they have agreed to keep their distance--until a string of murders brings them together again. Mason thinks that he can protect everyone he loves, including Rachel, by taking them to a winter hideaway, but danger follows them up the mountain.

As guests disappear from the snowbound resort, the race to find the murderer intensifies. Rachel knows she's a target. Will acknowledging her feelings for Mason destroy her--or save them both and stop a killer?”
Wake to Darkness is the second installment in the Brown and De Luca series by Maggie Shayne.

Rachel de Luca has come to terms with recovering her sight and with the price she had to pay. Even though sometimes she regrets not yielding to her attraction towards Detective Mason Brown, she knows she was right to take her time to getting used to her new life. But now, Mason is back in her life and asking for her help, and this time around she’s not sure she will be strong enough to deny him one more time.
Mason didn’t want to get Rachel involve in his new investigation, but something in his gut is telling him she will not only be able to help him, but she may also be in danger from this new threat, and what better way to protect her than to have her close at all times.

I loved Rachel and Mason in Sleep With the Lights On (first book), and I loved them even more in this new installment.

Rachel is coming to terms with her new life as a sighted person, but many things are still new to her. Seeing her discover them for the first time it was an amazing experience, one that made me think of how we take many things for granted, it also made me value my sight and realized how lucky I am.
One of the things a like the most about Rachel in this installment is that despite continuing being the cynic woman I love she is also realizing that maybe the things she writes about are things that deep inside she believes in.

Mason is still the caring, loving, protector man I loved from Sleep With the Lights On. He hasn’t had an easy time dealing with the aftermath of his brother’s death. He’s staying strong for his family, especially his nephews and sister in law, but still, some days he feels what he’s doing is not enough. He misses Rachel and wish she was in his life.
Somebody is attacking the recipients of his brother’s organs. Mason knows Rachel is on that list and will do anything on his power to protect her.  

I really liked Wake to Darkness, I liked how the characters have grown and how they come together as a family, including Rachel and her niece.

Another thing I loved is the setting. Mrs. Shayne brings us Christmas in the mountains, with the magic of the season seeing for the first time thought Rachel’s eyes. I think this made it more vivid and realistic and all around special.

Even though pretty early I guessed the whodunit I can say that that didn’t deterred me in the enjoyment of the story; it only kept me interested more because I was dying to know the reasoning behind that person’s actions.

Mrs. Shayne’s writing is spotless and fluid. The balance between mystery, gore, romance and humor is perfectly balanced, making of Wake to Darkness an impossible to putdown book and an amazing addition to a great series.

I can’t recommend you enough Wake to Darkness, but I also recommend you to read first Sleep With the Lights On to get the full effect of what the Brown and De Luca series is really about. There is a novella in between books called, Dream of Danger. I haven’t read it, but I’m planning to read it soon. Dream of Danger is currently free on Amazon and Kobo books.

I don’t know if Mrs. Shayne is planning to write more books in this series, but if she does I’m sure I’m going to read them, same with anything else she decides to publish.

My Verdict: 4 ½ Paws

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  1. I just saw what you reading :) I'm also listening to it (No good Duke) I'm loving it, but I think I should go back and listen to the previous books so I can enjoy it even more :)
    What do you think?
    Sorry to be posting here when it has nothing to with this review, but I'm adding the first book in the series to my TBR :) I never read anything by Maggy Shayne before.

    1. These books can be read/listen really well like stand-alones. I don't think it's necessary to read/listen previous books before. They are also good books, so if you want to know about the others characters do so, but you can do it after you are finish with NGDGU.


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