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Friday, December 13, 2013

Early Review: Chasing Kings by Sierra Dean

Title: Chasing Kings
Author: Sierra Dean
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Samhain (December 17th)
Source: Review copy from publisher
Format: E-book
“A porn star and a bookseller walk into the same BDSM hotel room suite…

Samantha Hart wishes things would stop happening in Vegas when a case of mistaken identity lands her in the Hard Rock’s racy Provocateur suite—an S&M wet dream that’s occupied by an honest-to-God porn star. Ethan Silver’s reputation should put her off, but his naughty charm and wicked-sweet smile have her agreeing to a night on the town. Then wishing for a night in, as well.

Ethan knew the instant he stepped through the door that this wasn’t the Samantha Hart he was almost desperate to see. Yet he can’t help it. He wants to ease the blushing bookseller out of her shell and show her a good time…and not just in the bedroom.

As a hot night on the Strip turns into a hotter night at the hotel, Ethan begins to prove there’s a good guy under his bad-boy fa├žade. There’s a loan shark hot on his tail, though, and only Sam can help keep his movie-star face intact. But telling her the truth could cost him something he needs more than money. Her love.

Warning: Contains a bad boy porn star with all the right moves, a good girl who wants to go bad, and one wild week in Vegas.”
Chasing Kings is the latest book by Sierra Dean. If you know me, you’d know that I love Sierra Dean and everything she writes.
When I first read the blurb of Chasing Kings I had couple of seconds of misgivings about liking a book about a porn star and a bookseller, but then I thought I shouldn’t worry because Sierra Dean is the one writing this book, so I was sure it’d be ok. Now, after reading Chasing Kings I’m happy to say that I was right. Sierra can take any kind of character and make it lovable, redeemable, and easy to connect and identify with.

Samantha Hart’s great aunt sent her on a vacation to the last place Sam wanted to go, Las Vegas. If being in the last place she wanted to be wasn’t enough during her check in she was mistaken for a famous porn star and was sent to a penthouse suite taken out of a S&M catalogue. As soon as Sam enters the room she knows a mistake was made, because even though her great aunt is a bit racy she would have never booked this suite. Her doubts are confirmed when Ethan Silver walks into the room looking for another Samantha Hart.
Ethan is desperate to find Samantha, she owes him money; money he needs to pay ASAP to the loan shark he borrowed from. He is sure he won’t see that Sam until the end of the week, with nothing else to do he proposes a night of fun in the town with no strings attached to the cute Sam he has in front.
Sam is given a new room after things get clear up with the hotel, and after lots of thinking she decides she doesn’t have anything to lose and accepts Ethan’s invitation.
What Sam wasn’t expecting was to like Ethan not only for his looks but for his cute and fun personality.
Despite Sam being the complete opposite of the woman Ethan usually goes for he can’t help it but feel attracted to her. Things would be perfect if only the timing was better and he didn’t have a loan shark after him. But maybe, Sam is the perfect person to help him with his current problem. 

I usually start with the heroine in the story but in this case I need to start with Ethan, just because he’s sweet, fun and all around perfect. Ethan is a porn star and proud of it, he loves what he does and is very professional about it. He reminded me a lot of James Deen and if I’m honest I even pictured Ethan looking just like him.
Ethan has a good heart and for being good he’s in a deep problem, instead of blaming others he owned his problems and looks for a solution. I couldn’t help but admire that of him.

Sam is fun and cute. I love that she took what she wanted when she wanted without excuses. I also loved that she was open minded about Ethan’s job and his “coworkers” and didn’t let misconceptions cloud her judgment.
As with Ethan Sam has a big heart and goes the extra mile to help others, in this case Ethan.

Sam and Ethan are perfectly matched, they are fun, sweet and hot as hell. So hot that my reader was steaming when I finished reading Chasing Kings and a cold shower was calling me. Hot! Hot! Hot!

Sierra Dean has done it again, she gives us smart and complex characters, with a flawless written plot and enough tension to keep us glue to the pages; but that is not all, she also gives us very hot scenes perfectly balanced with humor and sweetness, scenes that not only makes us fall in love with her characters, but also makes us swoon page after page.

Chasing Kings is a fun, sweet and very hot read, one I can’t recommend you enough to read.

My Verdict: 4 ½ Paws

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  1. I saw this at another blog a few weeks ago and I know I will love this! The story sounds like fun and I like odd pairings like this. Great review, Marcela!


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