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Monday, March 31, 2014

Review, Author Guest Post & Giveaway: Raising Chaos by Elizabeth Corrigan

Title: Raising Chaos
Author: Elizabeth Corrigan
Series: Earthbound Angels, book 2
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Publisher: Red Adept Publishing
Source: Review copy from publisher
Format: E-book
“When good fails, chaos rises to the challenge.

The daily life of a chaos demon is delightfully sinful—overindulging in Sri Lankan delicacies, trespassing on private beaches in Hawaii, and getting soused at the best angel bar on the planet. But when Bedlam learns that the archdemon Azrael has escaped from the Abyss in order to wreak vengeance against the person who sent her there—Bedlam’s best friend, Khet—he can’t sit idly by.
 Only one relic possesses the power to kill Khet, who suffers immortality at Lucifer’s request: the mythical Spear of Destiny, which pierced Christ’s side at His crucifixion. Neither angel nor demon has seen the Spear in two thousand years, but Azrael claims to know its location. Bedlam has no choice but to interpret woefully outdated clues and race her to its ancient resting place.

His quest is made nearly impossible by the interference of a persnickety archivist, Keziel—his angelic ex—and a dedicated cult intent on keeping the Spear out of the wrong hands. But to Bedlam, “wrong” is just an arbitrary word, and there’s no way he’s letting Khet die without a fight.”
Raising Chaos is the second book in the Earthbound Angels series by Elizabeth Corrigan.

After events in Oracle of Philadelphia (first book) Khet needs a change in scenery; leaving Philadelphia behind, she decides to rent a beach house.
As always she doesn’t say anything to Bedlam, he knows how to find her and will come to her in couple of days, as he has done for millennia.
Being an oracle makes making friends a lot harder. When you know what the other person is thinking and feeling is difficult not to say anything or intervene in certain situations, especially if that person is in danger, and that’s exactly what happens this time around. Khet meets a girl that is been abused by her boyfriend. People around the girl don’t want to see it, but Khet knows the boyfriend is bad news.
What was supposed to be a time to rest and lay low became another job for Khet.  
While this is happening in Khet’s life, Bedlam, the Demon of Chaos, is in race against time to find the Spear of Destiny. Azrael is supposed to know where the Spear is located and wants to use it to kill Khet. Khet is Bedlam’s only friend, for that reason he will do anything in his hands to protect her, even if he has to pass tests designed for angels.

Raising Chaos has a different tone than Oracle of Philadelphia, we see more of Bedlam than Khet and we also meet Siren, the Angel of Truth.

Bedlam can be the Demon of Chaos, but he also has a good heart.  He was played by another angel and has suffered the consequences of that day for thousands of years. One of those consequences was losing the love of his life and the only woman (angel) he could ever love, Keziel.
For the last three millennia he has found in Khet a friend and a home. Learning her life was in danger has made him question his priorities in life. This situation has also made him see other things more clearly (sorry I’m vague but I don’t want to give spoilers away) and made him realize that it may be time for a change.

I really love Bedlam, he’s a demon that doesn’t know how to be bad because he has a good heart. He’s mischievous, but caring. Despite his long life as a demon he still has a very innocent side.
I loved his conversation with Keziel at the end of the book, I loved that he finally came to terms with that. I just hope he can find a HEA, hopefully with somebody else that is not Keziel.

Khet wasn’t as strong in this book as she was in first book. She is still the caring, loving and self-sacrificing woman that wants to protect others at any cost. 
Khet broke my heart a little bit in this installment. It’s not easy being she, even though she has Bedlam she feels lonely and is pinning for the Angel Gabriel. A relationship she knows is impossible... or isn’t it? We will have to wait and see.

Talking about Gabriel he‘s not much in this installment, but in the few pages he is we learn something that could be a game changer for future books.

As I said before we also meet Siren. Being the Angel of Truth is not easy for her and for others. She can’t lie and others can lie in her presence, for that reason people try to avoid her. If that is not bad and sad enough she is also one of the Angels blamed for the creation and killing of the Nephilim. The guilt of what happened to them and to the other angels involved with the creation of the Naphilim is something that has haunted her all her long life. I felt sorry for her, hopefully she will get her HEA too.

Even though I’m not too crazy about books with a heavy religious factor I enjoyed reading Raising Chaos. The creativity and knowledge of Mrs. Corrigan is palpable in this installment.
Raising Chaos is a highly entertaining book that left me wanting to get my hands in next installment.  

My Verdict: 4 Paws

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A Writing Process of Sorts

When Marcela asked me to write a guest post for The Bookaholic Cat, her suggested guest post topics were “5 Must-Do’s to Get in the Writing Mood” and “Do You Have Any Special Ritual Before Writing?” My response to this was “Um… Is faffing around on Facebook a must-do? Does repositioning myself so my cat will sit between me and the keyboard and stop walking around on it count as a ritual?” Yes, she said I could write about anything, but I wanted to pick a topic somewhat in line with the blog’s interests. And the beginning of my writing process is not pretty.
You see, I am horrible at starting things. I never want to. My coworkers have all come to accept that when they give me a task, my first reaction will be all the reasons why I can’t do it. But then they sit back and wait, knowing full well that in an hour, I will be happily engaged in the task, wondering why I dreaded it so much, since it’s clearly much simpler than I thought and, really, kind of soothing. I oscillate between being ashamed of my recalcitrance and being grateful for my understanding colleagues.
My writing process goes along a similar vein, though thankfully without witnesses: Spend all day at work thinking about how I am going to write/edit when I get home. Arrive at apartment and turn on computer. Check Facebook, book stats, Goodreads. Wonder why more people aren’t on-line. Open document of work in progress. Wonder whether it makes sense to check Facebook again. Get in conversation with at least two people who have come on-line. Eventually get around to actually writing a few sentences.
That’s when something magical happens. Scenes unfold before my eyes. Snappy dialogue appears in my head. And the words come pouring out. You see, I only have one must-do to get in the writing mood, and that’s write. 
Sometimes my scenes get out of control. The original draft of Gabriel’s back story in Oracle of Philadelphia went on for over 9,000 words, which was more than 10% of the book. Given all the cuts that occurred in editing, it’s probably still 10% of the book. In the draft of Raising Chaos I submitted to my publisher, Bedlam leads a group through an obstacle course in a manufactured forest. You won’t find this scene in the final book, though, because my editors declared (and rightly so) that it was kind of pathetic. They wanted something more exciting. So I started writing about Bedlam leading a smaller group of people through desert ruins, and as I did so, more and more horrible things to do to him kept occurring to me. The section went from being a sad little throwaway scene to being two whole chapters that are now featured on the cover, because I got so involved in writing them.
I’m not going to say I don’t sometimes run into writing walls. There’s a scene in Oracle where the archdemon Lilith gives Carrie a clever hint about the location of the door out of her realm. And before I wrote the scene, that was pretty much all the planning I had put into it. I didn’t know where the door was, and I had no idea what clue would get Carrie there. I stared at my screen, wondering how I would come up with something plausible, much less something worthy of Lilith’s cunning. I like to think that what I came up with passes muster. Certainly no one has complained about it to me.
I’m not a fast writer by any means. One thousand words a day is generally all I can manage, though when I’m getting toward the end of a book, I become positively frenzied. And I could definitely learn from the advice I’m giving myself here: “Just start writing. You’ll be fine with it once you do.” But the important thing is that eventually I do remember this, or at least force myself to get started, and the result is worth all the effort.

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  1. More new books with angels! I'm not much for religious overtones either, but we have such similar tastes in these kinds of books, that I'll have to check this series out anyway.

    Jessica @ Rabid Reads

  2. I am not a huge fan of angels in books. It takes a very special combination for me to be ok with them. I will have to check this out though.

  3. What is this, he looks cool :D call me intrigued

  4. Still loving the covers for these books. I'm glad that you enjoyed this read Marcela and I'll look forward to your thoughts on Book 3 whenever that one is released. :-D

  5. Seems like this one was a little more solid than book one. Glad it was enjoyable for you. Maybe Anne will read it now :)


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