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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Book Quotes and Other Book-Related Stuff #5

I love to read books, talk about books and discover new quotes about books, I also love to share my love for books. with that in mind I created a board on Pinterest called Book Quotes and Other Book-Related Stuff
Every month or so I like to share with you some of the new quotes I discovered and today is one of those days. Without further ado here is Book Quotes and Other Book-Related Stuff fifth edition.

If I'm honest I don't remember ever dreaming with the hunk of a book cover, but who knows, maybe someday. ;)
I identify the most is with the third one. I don't know how many times that have happened to me. I call that the One More Chapter Syndrome.

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  1. Haha! I love Bert's face, true,true.

  2. LOL love it! That last one. Yep so true :)

  3. Love these! I'm with you on the one more chapter syndrome...I've definitely done that. And I've also had the whole, I'm pretty sure I'm getting a workout with how bad my arms are hurting from holding this book in this position, thing. LOL. :-D

  4. OMG I agree with all of these! I think I've damaged my elbows permanently too for holding up books and my ereader for long periods of time

  5. I love Maxine and I am so stealing that :) :)

  6. LOVE these! Great picks Marcela :)

  7. That "I like to party, and by "party" I mean "read books." Is one of my FAVORITES ;) I like the "take naps" version too, LOL.


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