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Monday, April 7, 2014

Review: The Highland Henchman by Amy Jarecki

Title: The Highland Henchman
Author: Amy Jarecki
Series: Highland Force, book 2
Genre: Historical Romance
Publisher: Rapture Books
Source: Review copy from publisher
Format: E-book
“Intent on winning a Lowlander’s tournament, Bran MacLeod travels south with his laird. All goes as planned, except spirited Miss Enya Ross continually distracts him, and in the oddest situations. With no business lusting after a baron’s daughter, Bran decides to return to Raasay—until his laird pledges Bran’s services in the fight to reinstate Mary, Queen of Scots to the throne.

Enya has no deference for the lines of nobility, or for the Great Divide that separates Lowlanders from Highlanders. The way Sir Bran’s eyes hunger for her ignites an internal fire Enya cannot quell. All her life she’s wanted adventure and excitement, but now her every thought is consumed with the rugged Highlander.

With all odds stacked against them, can their forbidden love withstand the tumult of war and the menace of betrayal?”
The Highland Henchman is the second book in the Highland Force by Amy Jarecki.

After the death of Bran’s father Laird Calum MacLeod took Bran under his wing. Bran is very grateful for everything Calum has done for him and has dedicated his life to protect Calum and their clan. Now the opportunity to prove his worthiness has arisen, they have been invited to a tournament in the Lowlands hosted by the Baron of Ross; a tournament Bran is intent on winning. Before leaving their home in the isle of Raasay Calum officially named Bran as his henchman (knight).
Bran knew there were going to be many distractions during the tournament and he was prepared for all of them, but one, the sweet daughter of their host, Enya. He hasn’t been able to stop thinking about her since the moment he laid eyes on her. He knows he’s wasting his time; a man of his station could never aspire to be with the daughter of a Baron, but avoiding her seems impossible when she does her best to look for him.
To her parents’ displeasure Enya has always been kind of wild and different, and no the delicate lady a girl of her station is supposed to be. For Enya riding her horse and practicing archery is more satisfying than embroidery and wearing beautiful dresses. Knowing her parents are planning to marry her as a commodity to gain riches is not easy to accept, especially when all she wants in life is adventure and to live new experiences.
Enya is very excited about the tournament, her excitement only increases with the arrival of the highlanders, especially Laird Calum MacLeod and his henchman, Bran.
Bran is everything Enya has always dreamed in a man. She knows their parents would never approve of a man like him for her, but that doesn’t deter her. Enya wants him and she’ll do anything in her power to be with him, even going behind her parents’ back.

I loved Bran in Captured by the Pirate Laird (first book) and was really looking forward to reading his book. Even though he was a child in that book I saw his hero potential and I was not wrong. Bran is dedicated, loyal, and fierce, a real swoon worthy hero. He will do anything for his Laird, his clan and the girl he loves and he shows us that time after time in this installment.

Enya doesn’t care about riches or status; she just wants to live a happy and adventurous life. She’s stubborn and strong and is not afraid of taking risks if the outcome is to be with the man she loves.

Bran and Enya romance is sweet and lovely. There is an insta-attraction but is not act immediately upon because of the forbidden factor, to add to that they are both kind of innocent; it’s almost like they are discovering love together; that only makes their relationship sweeter and more enjoyable to watch.

In this installment we also see the characters we love from Captured by the Pirate Laird. It was really nice to see where they are in their lives and everything they have accomplished in the years between that book and this one.

One of the things I like the most about Amy Jarecki’s books is their settings, with her words she brings to live the Highlands and its surroundings. Her descriptions are so vivid and realistic that I only needed to close my eyes to picture the different settings.

The Highland Henchman is a fast paced book, with love, secrets, betrayals and so many twists and turns that is almost impossible to put it down.

I’m looking forward to June 1st to the release of next book in the series, Beauty and the Barbarian. Beauty and the Barbarian will be Ian’s story; Ian is Callum and Anne’s son.

My Verdict: 4 Paws

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  1. This sounds like a historical romance I need to put on my TBR! :) Can I just say that cover artist needs to be shot...why would you cover the chest with words *oh the agony* :)

    1. I know! Covering that chest is a tragedy. :)

    2. Hi Felicia, I'll have to talk to the cover artist about that with upcoming titles :-)

  2. Aaannndddd Captured by the Pirate Laird is the third one-click in this hour. Well done, LOL. And, YES! Why on earth would you cover up that beautiful chest with words?! *shakes head*

    Jessica @ Rabid Reads

    1. One-clicks can be dangerous! :)
      I hope you enjoy Captured by the Pirate Laird.

    2. Thank you, Jessica :-) I am a one-click-aholic too!

  3. Wohoo highlanders! *drools a bit*

    1. Yes! I see highlanders and that's enough for me. *drools with you*

    2. I know, Blodeuedd, what is it about rugged alpha-male Highlanders that get our knickers in a knot?

  4. Hi BookaholicCat, Thank you for your lovely review of The Highland Henchman!

  5. Ahh I so need to give her a read. I LOVE highlanders. Such incredible heroes. I think I'm halfway towards smitten with him already! lol

    herding cats & burning soup.


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