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Monday, April 21, 2014

Review: Silver Skin by D.L. McDermott

Title: Silver Skin
Author: D.L. McDermott
Series: Cold Iron, book 2
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, Fae
Publisher: Pocket Books
Source: Review copy from publisher
Format: E-book
“Helene Whitney has been losing time. Not losing track of time, but missing hours, finding whole blank spaces in her day she can’t account for. A year ago she would have put it down to overwork and exhaustion, but that was before she found out about the Good Neighbors, the Fair Folk, the Beautiful People, the Fae.

Ancient, immortal, tricksy and cruel, these creatures out of myth and legend rule the Irish enclaves of South Boston and Charlestown, and one of them has been using magic to abduct and control Helene for hours every day, gaining access to the collection at her museum and searching for ancient objects of Fae power.

Now, Helene’s only hope of escaping this unknown assailant lies with the Fae sorcerer, Miach MacCecht, a man she knows she can never trust—and who may prove impossible to resist.”
Silver Skin is the second book in the Cold Iron series by D.L. McDermott.

Silver Skin starts couple of months after the events in Cold Iron (first book in the series).
Helene continues to work at the museum and her life is back to normal after everything that happened in Cold Iron, or at least it was until couple of weeks ago when she started to lose hours, hours she can’t account for.
Helene has gone to doctors and they can’t find anything wrong with her and when she tries to tell her friend Beth the words just don’t come out and Beth can’t be of much help while she is in Ireland. Helene knows she can’t continue like this, she also knows there is some kind of magic behind all this and without any other option she goes to the man she swore off, Miach MacCecht, the Fae sorcerer that marked her and tried to kill Beth (Cold Iron).
Since the moment he met her Miach has been fascinated by Helene, but after Beth put a geis on him to leave Helene alone he was forced to do just that; but now Helene has come to him for help, help he will gladly give, especially after finding a Fae’s mark on her. Somebody is controlling Helene and using her to get access to the museum’s artifacts collection and whoever is doing is looking for Fae artifacts.
It looks like somebody wants to open the portals to bring the Fae Court back to this world. Miach remembers how it was to live with the Fae court and he will do anything in his power to stop them from coming and to protect Helene from whoever is using her.

The first thing I did after finishing Cold Iron was to check when was the release date of Silver Skin. Why? Because after meeting Helene and Miach in Cold Iron I was left dying to get my hands on their book. I’m happy to say the wait was worth it. Silver Skin was everything I was expecting it to be and more.

Helene is a great heroine, she is a human in a world of Faes and Druids and even though she doesn’t have powers she isn’t powerless. She is smart, cunning and resourceful. She is a loyal friend and will go the extra mile to protect those she cares about.

Miach is an ancient Fae and a powerful sorcerer; despite that he has values and loves deeply. He cares for those he calls his and will do anything in his power to keep them safe.

There has been an attraction between Miach and Helene since the moment they met, but after the events in Cold Iron a distance also grew between them. Helene is attracted to Miach, but she’s also afraid of him. She knows what he’s capable of and doesn’t want a man with all that much power over her. Miach knows they didn’t have a good start, but now he sees this new situation as an opportunity to win Helene’s trust.
I really liked Helene and Miach’s relationship. I liked they were very honest with each other and it was not an insta-perfect-love. Their relationship is in progress, there are things they need to work on, but there is hope of a happy-future for them. I’m glad McDermott went this way with their relationship because it made it more realistic than if she would have gone the perfect HEA path.

We are introduced to new characters in this book, these characters give us a deeply inside about the Fae, about life within the Fae court and it also shows us a more vivid picture of what the Fae experienced when they were under the Druids’ power and let me tell you something, it wasn’t nice, at all. If I’m honest my heart ached for the Fae.

In this installment we also learned more about The Prince Consort and his plans. He is so evil and tricky that he makes a great villain; his plans are so smartly crafted that I can’t wait to see more of him and his “evil plans”. *Inserts evil laugh*

Silver Skin is action packed and with so many twists and turns you won’t see coming that I can guarantee you this book will be almost impossible to put down.

If you like Fae books where Fae are not only powerful but also vicious and without scrupulous the Cold Iron series is one you need to read. Silver Skin is a great follow up to an amazing debut and a book I recommend you all to read.
Even though McDermott does an excellent job recapping the events of first book (Cold Iron), I don’t recommend you to read Silver Skin as a standalone, but as a part of a series.

I’m eagerly looking forward to next book in the series, Stone Song. Stone Song will be Elada Brightsword and Sorcha Kavanaugh’s story and it will be release on June 9th.

My Verdict: 4 Paws

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  1. I DO love powerful and vicious Fae. In fact, they are my FAVORITE. I'll for sure be checking this series out. Thanks for putting it on my radar ;)

    Jessica @ Rabid Reads

  2. I looovveee this one more than Cold Iron. It helped that we've met them in book 1 so it was a nice build-up. Helene is super cool, I agree with you on that. She loves Miach unconditionally to the point where she sacrificed herself... oops, spoiler alert! And The Prince Consort is so awesomely evil, I want more of that bastard & his silver arm LOL

    Wonderful review, Marcela!

  3. These look so good, yum, I want...not just the guy

  4. Oh I'm loving that cover. Thanks for the heads up on book one needing to go first. I'm so bad these days about just jumping around in a series.

  5. {Scribbles down the title and goes to read your review of book one} Think I might like this series :)


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