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Monday, May 19, 2014

Review: Against the Dawn by Amanda Bonilla

Title: Against the Dawn
Author: Amanda Bonilla
Series: Shaede Assassin, book 4
Genre: Urban fantasy
Publisher: Amanda Bonilla
Source: Review copy from publisher
Format: E-book
“Six months can feel like just a couple of weeks when you’ve been away in another realm. Literally.

Now that Darian is back in Seattle, she’s ready to face the life—and the man—she left behind. But it’s not going to be easy when a ghost from her past shows up looking to wreak havoc on Seattle’s supernatural crime scene.

Darian isn’t as careless as she used to be, though. She and Tyler, her sexy Jinn protector, have come a long way in the trust department. And it’s a good thing too—because when Ty contracts her to assassinate a wickedly powerful supernatural who goes by the name of Mithras, it will take all her faith in Ty, and herself, to get the job done.

While Darian does whatever it takes to get to her mark, Xander, the Shaede King is busy making plans of his own. With Darian’s attention divided between Lorik’s secrets and her mission she might not be able to stop Xander from doing anything in his power to separate Darian from her sworn protector and in the process, destroy his own kingdom.”
Against the Dawn is the fourth book in the Shaede Assassin series by Amanda Bonilla.

After the events in Crave the Darkness (third book) Darian is in dire need of a change of scenery, with that in mind she goes to O Anel to visit Raif’s daughter, Brakae. Time in Fairy moves different than on this side and after only two weeks with Brakae she knows is time to go back to her reality. After she’s back Darian realizes her two weeks in Fairy were six months on this world and many things changed in that time.
Tyler feels guilty about what happened to her and is willing to break some laws imposed by his superiors to be with her and Xander is still hoping to rekindle their relationship or at least to continue where they left on. The last thing Darian needs is to think about relationships, but she knows sooner or later she will have to decide, especially now that Xander is putting his throne on the line for her.
Another change she finds at her return is Lorik. Her friend of many years back has been waiting for her and wants her to work for him as his security. Darian can’t understand how Lorik is still alive, he’s supposed to be a normal human. Years may have passed but Lorik is still the same spoiled troublemaker she remembers, maybe working for him is just what she needs to get her mind off her troubles, but life for Darian is never that easy.

In this installment Darian is suffering from severe PTSD, she’s trying to deal the best way she can but it hasn’t been easy. The “good” thing about the bad things that happened to her is that she learned her lesson. She learned she has many people that love her and are there for her whenever she needs them. She also learned she can and should count on others; she doesn’t have to do everything alone. Her recovery hasn’t been easy, but she’s on the right path and with a bit more work she is going to be fine… only if she can catch a break. (Mrs. Bonilla please give poor Darian a little break!).

I’ve been Team Xander since the very first book and book-by-book my love for him has only grown. Even though I know Xander is not the man for Darian he needs somebody like me some part of me can only hope, especially after this book. I know some things he did look a bit sly, but at the end everything he has done for Darian he has done to protect her and keep her safe. Team Xander forever!

If I talk about Xander I have to talk about that other man… yes, the one I didn’t like, and yes I use “did” because Mrs. Bonilla is sneaky and made me like him in this book. Damn you Mrs. Bonilla. In Against the Dawn we see a clearer picture of Tyler and his feelings for Darian and I can’t believe I’m saying this I like him for Darian. *cries*

On this installment we also see Raif, not as much as I would have liked but enough to remind me how much I like him and to make me happy for Darian, she is lucky to have him in her life.
We also see more of Asher and every new thing we learn about him made me like him more and more. I think he needs a novella… Did you hear me Mrs. Bonilla?

I can’t say much about Lorik without giving spoilers away. Let just say Mrs. Bonilla did a great job writing him because his actions made me experience an array of different feelings, some good and some others… not good at all I want blood.

Every time I read a book by Amanda Bonilla I don’t know how she can top off her previous books, but she does it again and again, that was the case with Against the Dawn too. OMFG! What a ride of a book. Since the first page it grabbed me and took me on an emotional ride that left me expended and dying for more. Mrs. Bonilla is a master storyteller who knows how to use her words to play with her readers’ feelings and let me tell you something I have said many times before about her… SHE IS EVIL!! EVIL!!!

Against the Dawn’s end is not the cliffhanger of the century but it easily can be the cliffhanger of the year. How dare you do this to us Mrs. Bonilla!? How dare you!? As you can guess by now, the end of Against the Dawn was a WHAT? NO? OMFG! NOW WHAT? OMG I NEED NEXT BOOK NOW!! kind of end.

Saying I’m eagerly waiting for next book is the understatement of the year. I’ll be stalking following closely Mrs. Bonilla updates for news about the new book.

Against the Dawn is a great addition to an amazing series and a book all urban fantasy lovers should read. Even though Mrs. Bonilla does an excellent job recapping important events of previous books I don’t recommend you to read Against the Dawn as a stand-alone book. To get the full effect of the wonderful world and characters Mrs. Bonilla created in her shaede Assassin series Against the Dawn should be read as part of the series.

My Verdict: 5 Paws

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  1. I read the first book (maybe the second too) in this series, and I liked them, but I haven't kept up with it. This one rating a 5 makes me want to take another look ;) It sticks out as a very unique UF already, so I'll probably revisit Darian soon.

  2. What!? You like XANDER!?! What is wrong with you?? LOL You might be right though, he may be better for Darian, but my heart still belongs to Ty.

  3. Dang Both of you gave it a 5! I am off to see if I have the first book :)

  4. "I want blood" LMAO...and so true! Fantastic review Marcela...even if you are a Xander fan ;)

  5. I so can't wait to read this one but I'm a little behind my ebooks. I'll try to read it next!!!


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