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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Review: Into the Shadows by Carolyn Crane

Title: Into the Shadows
Author: Carolyn Crane
Series: The Associates, book 3
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Publisher: Carolyn Crane
Source: Review copy from author
Format: E-book

Thorne McKelvey knows exactly how Nadia sees him—as a brute and a killer just kinky enough to play her sexy games. And that’s how it has to stay. Leaving her was the hardest thing he ever did, but his undercover mission could blow up at any second. No way will he drag Nadia down with him.

Maybe it was foolish to fall in love with her late father’s deadliest henchman, but Nadia Volkov’s not sorry; without Thorne she wouldn’t have their beautiful little boy. There’s nothing she won’t do to protect Benny, which means she must hide his identity—especially from his father.

Now Thorne has burst back into her home, searching for clues to a gangland mystery…and stirring a hunger Nadia hasn’t felt in two years. But Benny’s identity isn’t the only secret she’s keeping, and things are turning deadly. Can Thorne and Nadia trust each other long enough to stay alive and have a chance at happiness?
Into the Shadows is the third book in The Associates series by Carolyn Crane.

This is one of those reviews in which I just want to tell you “buy it, read it, and thank me later”, but I know that doesn’t work with you greedy people. So let me tell you why you should follow my advice… Because this books will rock your socks off!

The blurb explains pretty well what this book is about, I don’t want to give much away because this is a story you need to discover slowly by yourself to feel the “punch” Carolyn Crane packed in it.

Carolyn Crane has a gift with words, she knows how to bring you into the story and make you feel strong emotions, so much, that a certain point in the story I had to take a break because I was really worried for a character. When an author can make you feel strong emotions like this, you know you are in for a treat.

Throne has had a very difficult life; his mother abandoned him when he was just a child, she left him with his junkie father and younger sister.  He didn’t have a normal upbringing to say the least, and couldn’t protect his sister when she needed him the most. He has lived his whole life blaming himself for her death and looking for revenge.
Throne is the epitome of a tortured hero. He doesn’t believe he is worthy of anything good or deserving of love. He is the kind of hero that will break your heart and will make you feel deeply for him.

Growing up as the daughter of a mob boss wasn’t easy, but Nadia, also known as The Party Princess, learned how to handle the situation best. She knew how to make people comfortable and how to entertain. The only problem was everybody only saw her surface and not what she was hiding deep inside, until one day when her barriers fell and Thorne was there to witness it.
After the death of her father, Nadia’s life changed drastically. His businesses were divided between four gangs and Throne left her to join one of them. After that, she realized she was pregnant with his child, and months later she learned her mother was still alive (not dead as her father has told her) and working in one of the sweatshops owned by her deceased father.
The Party Princess became a mother and with the help of her ex bodyguard started the search for her mother, a search that brought Throne back into her life.

Nadia and Throne romance is wild, sexy, rough, and hot as hell. They are both broken, one more than the other, but they can make themselves whole when they are together if they only learn to trust each other again.

Carolyn Crane’s villains are always creepy as hell and the one in Into The Shadows was not an exception. Jerrod is smart, cunning and a sociopath. We can easily see he’s dangerous and even though I knew everything was going to be well at the end, I couldn’t help, but be worried along the way.

Into The Shadows is one of the best romantic suspense books I have read in a while. This book keep me glued to its pages, suffering for its characters, and wondering how everything was going to pan out at the end. You know you have a winner when a book make you feel strong emotions and that’s exactly what Into The Shadows is, a winner, and a great addition to a great series.

Into The Shadows can be read as a standalone, but I recommend you to read previous books in this series too. Why? Because they are really good too.

I recommend Into The Shadows to romantic suspense fans or to anyone who wants to read a well-written gripping story, with unforgettable characters, sizzling romance and biting-nails suspense.

My Verdict: 4 ½ Paws

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  1. I need to try her Rom Suspense. I loved her Mind Games series so I think I would be a fan of these!

  2. GAH, I love mafia anything, and I really liked Crane's Disillusionists Trilogy, but I haven't read anything else by her yet. *adds to increasingly ridiculously TBR list*

  3. I've only read Mr. Real, whose sequel I'm waiting on, and this sounds like a winner. I'm with Jessica, I love mafia stories! Those boys are cold and ruthless, gotta love them!

  4. I agree 100% with your review! Thanks!


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