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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Top Off Tuesday: One Sweet Ride by Jaci Burton

Today is Tuesday! You know what that means? Yes, today is that special day in the week when we can treat our eyes to some delicious eye candy. It’s Top Off Tuesday! Top Off Tuesday is a feature hosted by Felicia from The Geeky Book Blogger's Book Blog, Amanda from On a Book Bender, and Christi from Smitten with Reading.

The cover I have for you today is a swoon worthy cover. It’s the cover for One Sweet Ride by Jaci Burton. I don’t know how Mrs. Burton does it, but she has the hottest covers in the market. OMG! Her books covers are all delicious and the one for One Sweet Ride is not an exception.
I haven’t read this book, but just by looking at this cover I feel the need to read it.  

Gray Preston was born into money, but he’s built his racing empire on hard work and muscle. And now that Gray has millions of fans, his senator father sends one of his aides, Evelyn Hill, to elicit Gray’s help in garnering votes for the upcoming national election. Gray wants nothing to do with his estranged father’s campaign, but Evelyn can be pretty persuasive. She’s willing to learn about racing, and maybe even get a little dirty.

Evelyn’s number-one goal is politics, which makes working with Gray difficult, because his only passion is fast cars. As she and Gray spend time together, he teaches her about the sport he loves, and she learns a lot about the man behind the wheel. The more she learns, the more she wants him. But any desire that threatens to derail the carefully laid plans for her future is a dangerous one.

With the passion Gray and Evelyn share running hotter than either imagined, one of them is going to have to compromise, or else run the risk of losing more than their hearts.
If you also want to participate on Top Off Tuesday head over to Felicia’s blog to share your link or just to see which other blogs are participating.


  1. JB has excellent covers (NOTE: Dude quit pondering whether you should take off your pants---you should) :)

  2. She really does have the best covers. It's amazing. Pretty good reads too :D

    1. I haven't read any of her books, but have couple of them on my TBR. I'll read them... soon.

  3. I agree with Felicia... leave the helmet on and take the rest off! Jeez!

    1. I also agree with Felicia. I can hold his helmet is he needs both hands... or I could give him a hand...


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