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Monday, December 15, 2014

Review & Giveaway: A Secret to Die For by Sierra Dean

Title: A Secret to Die For
Author: Sierra Dean
Series: Secret McQueen, book 8
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Publisher: Samhain (December 16th)
Source: Review copy from publisher
Format: E-book
No one is safe.

Secret McQueen thought she’d seen it all, but that was before she, Desmond and Holden came home to find New York City burning and the streets overwhelmed with the walking dead. Now, in a race against time, she must find out who is responsible for unleashing hell on Earth.

For that, she’s going to need a whole new team of vampire wardens to help round up the perpetrators, who turn out to be a gang that makes Sons of Anarchy look like toddlers on tricycles.

Her quest across the city brings old friends and enemies out of the woodwork and reminds Secret once and for all why mercy and forgiveness are not always prudent. Lives will be lost, sacrifices will be made, and when the dust settles, nothing will ever be the same again.

With no time to mourn her losses, the only question remaining is if Secret can survive long enough to stop the apocalypse…or if this is the one challenge that will finally drown her in rivers of undead blood.

Warning: The final book in the Secret McQueen series has it all: hot kisses, unexpected guests, and enough tear-jerking moments to require a whole box of tissues. You’ve been warned.
A Secret to Die For is the eighth and final book in the Secret McQueen series by Sierra Dean.

A Secret to Die For starts right after the end of A Cold Hard Secret (book seventh). Secret is coming back to New York just to find the city in completely chaos, there are fires everywhere and there are zombies running galore on the streets, but wait a secondly, zombies don’t exist. First thing Secret has to do is learn what is going on and second, stop whatever is happening in her city. For that she will need everybody’s help and when I say everybody I mean every single person that has had something to do with her life, humans, werewolves and vampires alike.
I don’t want to say much about what happens in this book not to give spoilers away. A Secret to Die For is a book you need to read and discover every single tidbit by yourself. I will only say Sierra was not afraid to kill, maim, and do her worst to character we love. The blurb says you will require a box of tissues to read this book and it couldn’t be truer. You will also require wine or strong liquor.

Secret McQueen has come a long way since Something Secret This Way Come (first book); book-by-book she has grown and come into her own. We have seen her cry, laugh, suffer, love and much more. Finally, after all her hardships she is getting to the point where she wanted to be and with the person she wanted to be with. It hasn’t been an easy road and this last installment could be the hardest for her yet, but at the end it was also the most rewarding.

In this installment Secret makes her final decision in regards to her love life. I won’t say whom she picked or how I felt about her choice because that will be a spoiler. I can only say it was the right decision for her and I’ll leave it at that.

In this final book Sierra brings, in a very organic way, all the characters that were somehow part of Secret’s life for a last farewell. It was very nice to have the opportunity of seeing them one last time. Some of them redeem themselves, others got what they deserve and others… let’s just say Sierra was mean… she’s an evil, evil author! *grabs tissues and bottle of whiskey*

In the best Sierra Dean’s style the action was non-stop from beginning to end. The villain in this book is insane, maybe one of the toughest villain Secret has encounter ever, not only because she was very powerful, but also because she has many dangerous minions working for her. Apart from that, the villain is exceptional... one of a kind... the best villain ever! You will know why at the end of my review.

I could continue gushing about this book, but I’ll risk giving spoilers away. The only thing left for me to say is Sierra Dean ends the Secret McQueen series with a bang. She masterfully ties all lose ends and gives us a perfect final book. I’m not exaggerating; A Secret to Die For is one of the best final books I have ever read. *pets book*

I can’t recommend enough this book and this series. The Secret McQueen series is a series ALL urban fantasy fans needs to read. I recommend reading these books in order to get the full effect of the amazing world Sierra Dean has given us.
The Secret McQueen series will always have an important place in my shelves and in my heart. I see myself re-reading these books many times in the years to come. Yes, they are that good!
What!? You haven’t read this series? What are you waiting for? The Secret McQueen series is one of the best urban fantasy series and one you need to read.

I think this is the hardest review I have ever written. Why? First, I have many mixed feelings about seeing this series come to an end. On one side, I’m glad Secret finally got her very well deserved HEA and I'm happy because Sierra ended the series in a perfect place and with a perfect ending, but on the other side, I’m sad to see one of my all time favorite series come to an end. The only thing that gives me hope is that Sierra is working on a spin off series, the Genie McQueen series.
Secondly, This is the MOST special book for me, Ever! Why? Because the villain in this book was named after me. Yes! You read right, I’m the villain in this book! How did that happened? Last year for Christmas, Sierra held an auction to raise money for one of her local charities, the Graffiti Gallery (donate if you can, they do an amazing job). One of the things she auctioned was to get your name in this book and I won it! To tell you the truth I was expecting to be Tree 1 or Zombie 3 or any small character, I really wasn’t expecting to be an important one and honestly I was ok with it, just being part of this book was enough for me. Sierra never told me which part “I will play”, she kept it a secret, but when I starting reading this book and read this in the dedication
For Marcela, aka Bookaholic Cat, who has been a champion for the series from day one and who donated to a very worthy charity group in my hometown just to have her name in this book. I couldn’t resist making her the bad guy, since she’s anything but.
To say I jumped and screamed like a banshee is the understatement of the year. DH thought I lost my mind (again) and my cats ran for cover because they thought the world was coming to an end. When I was able to talk and explain to DH why I was so happy he was also happy for me, he knows how much I love this series and what this means to me. I only wish Sierra could have seen my face when I read the dedication, she made my day, my month, my year! Thank you Sierra, you are simply THE BEST!

My Verdict: 5 Paws

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  1. I LOVE this series too, Marcela! I was so bummed when I found out that this was going to be the final installment, but there's a spin-off coming our way in January, so it's not all bad. The action was top notch (as was the villain, hehe!), and I adored how Dean resolved everything. It was pure perfection! Heck, Lucas even won me over in this book.

    Carmel @ Rabid Reads

  2. This is a series that I have to try list. I love that it is over because it means I can back to back it if I fall in love :)

  3. I keep hearing great things about this series. I really need to start it.

  4. On my list since you read the first book! I'm still Sounds awesome!

  5. 8 books to catch up with, it's not so bad. This series sounds solid, def worth checking out

  6. I'm so late with this series. I love it but I need to read book 3 or 4...

  7. I'm a book behind in this series. I'm scared to read the last two. But I'm excited about Genie's series so I guess I'd better catch up before it starts.


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